Diego Ruiz Durán: Mexico Based Attorney Championing Reform

Diego Ruiz Duran is one of Mexico’s leading criminal defense attorneys. Diego has made a name for himself over his nearly two decades of practicing in Mexico, as a professional of great integrity, with unrivaled work ethic and passion, that he brings to his client’s representative matters. Indeed, it’s this unique level of rigor that has consistently distinguished Diego from any of his competition in the legal world in Mexico. There’s good reason why when a prominent official or leader in the corporate world is in trouble, Diego’s phone is the first to ring. 

But Diego is unique in other ways as well. He has an intense dedication to the pursuit of due process for all, regardless of one’s economic position. This has proven to be an enormously important passion, especially for one operating in the legal profession on the level Diego does. As he has stated in the past, he and his practice maintain a special focus on ensuring that those that have been deprived of due process are taken care of legally. 

Diego Ruiz Duran has been equally passionate throughout his professional life, about the need to create a society where gender equality exists. During speeches he’s delivered at various public forums, Diego has expressed the need to strengthen the legal framework of Mexico in order to decrease violence against women. There needs to be more care, compassion and focus provided to ensure that there are more effective mechanisms in place to monitor such cases. 

This passion that Diego has imbued extends beyond these two important aforementioned goals. He has worked tirelessly with different civic organizations and social institutions to aid in the re-integration of the prison population to society. Indeed, the rule of law needs to be complied with and those that do not adhere to it , need to be criminally punished accordingly. But there is a forum for that – and there is a time and place for that. 

Once one has paid the price legally for their crimes, there needs to be an effort to help facilitate their re-entry into general society, and ensure their transition and re-integration in society is seamless. Indeed, these efforts are important for another reason as well. Statistical data has borne out that the rate of recidivism, namely those that commit more crimes upon their release of prison decreases dramatically for those that are aided in their re-integration into general society upon their release from prison.

This is an incredibly important fact that cannot be lost on members of the legal community. Indeed, it’s equally important that policymakers and legislators are keenly aware of this, as the societal benefit that helping former incarcerated in-mates in their transitions into society is enormously valuable. Those within the legal community and the political worlds that are intent on shining a light on this enormously important aspect, deserve to be commended and recognized. 

Diego Ruiz Duran is a leader in Mexican legal circles who has taken the initiative to lead by example in this regard. Whether through his public statements or his own volunteer and professional work, he has done all in his power to shine an important and much needed light on injustice, and sought to rectify it  wherever it  exists. For this, all proponents of the rule of law owe a debt of gratitude to Diego.