About Us

It’s time to start asking the tough questions again.

What ever happened to the days when Sam Donaldson would relentlessly press the daily spokesman at the White House podium for clear answers to the hard questions the country wanted answered? Famed investigative reporter Jack Anderson’s Washington Merry-Go-Round column made the ethically challenged shudder because they would be exposed. Democratic Sen. Bill Proxmire’s weekly Golden Fleece award made federal agencies think twice about wasting the taxpayer’s hard-earned dollars.

The Washington Guardian wants to return America to that golden era of accountability journalism, with a uniquely 21st century update that lets you, the news consumer, interact with the news and be part of the effort to police the ethics and spending decisions made in Washington, and monitor the impact on civil liberties. And don’t think we’re using partisan code words here: The Guardian will be devoted to accurate, unbiased, fair, balanced and transparent reporting. We have only one agenda: holding the powerful accountable and giving you the tools you need to dig as deeply as you want into any story we break.

The company’s leaders are John Solomon, former executive editor of the Washington Times and investigative reporter for the Washington Post and The Associated Press; Jim Williams, former Senior Vice President, Broadcast, of The Associated Press; and Brad Kalbfeld, former Managing Editor of AP’s Broadcast division. Together, these three executives bring decades of experience in corporate leadership, journalism and technology.