Successful Lawyer and Adviser Striving for Excellence

Mayya Bykov is an accomplished professional and entrepreneur with extensive experience in the areas of law, finance, and business. As an exceptional lawyer and adviser, Mayya’s work experience spans both the public and private sectors where she has given legal advice in areas such as real estate, business law, and financial law matters, among other areas. Mayya Bykov has been an instrumental driving force in the success of many companies, because she takes the time to develop a sound plan which she implements flawlessly.

After graduating from one of Canada’s largest, oldest and most distinguished law schools, Osgoode Hall Law School, Mayya Bykov worked for 2 years as legal counsel at the Ministry of the Attorney General and the Legal Services Branch of the Ministry of Finance in Toronto, Canada where she handled high profile cases for the government. While working at the Ministry, Mayya was part of the Green Bonds Initiative Team. The initiative was the first of its kind in Canada and resulted in Mayya Bykov receiving the prestigious Excelsior Award in the category of Innovation.

Since 2016, Mayya Bykov has been the founding partner at her own law firm, Bykov Law Professional Corporation, in Toronto, Canada. Bykov Law is a highly respected law firm in Canada that represents and serves high net worth individuals working across various industries, high-profile financial institutions, and major banks in Canada. Also, a portion of Mayya Bykov’s book of business is startups but most of her clients are in the revenue range of $500,000 to $50 million. The term small to medium-sized enterprise is pretty fluid these days and would include what people would call mid-market practices as well.

As the founder, owner, and managing partner, Mayya Bykov built a robust and dynamic skillset in negotiating deals, drafting complex legal documents, closing contracts, and working through challenging obstacles. Mayya utilized her in-depth knowledge and expertise surrounding law, business, and finance to carve out her own path, and opening her own law firm was a natural next step. Her deep understanding of business strategies, paired with her outstanding legally trained mind, separates her as an entrepreneur of extraordinary abilities.

Mayya supports and advises her clients in growing and expanding their businesses, navigating strategic ventures, improving daily operations and procedures, and much more. Throughout everything she does, Mayya Bykov focuses on cultivating a sense of trust and understanding with her clients, making her stand out as a successful leader. Her ability to see large-scale issues and approach the problem in an actionable way is unparalleled. Her entrepreneurial brain constantly considers how things could be done better, what problems need to be solved, and who the key stakeholders are.

“All businesses face legal challenges and opportunities daily. A company’s owner or chief executive must address these matters quickly and effectively without allowing them to interfere with the organization’s daily operations, and its commitments to existing customers, partners, and employees,” says Mayya Bykov. Mayya maintains that “as trusted go-to legal and business advisers, we help our clients not only prevent and deal with complex legal issues, but also help them and their businesses realize its objectives and goals.”

“There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the startups and founders you have helped grow and achieve great heights” Mayya says. According to Mayya Bykov, “an individuals’ work needs to benefit people and society in some way to be meaningful.” For that reason, she assisted and continues to assist Ukrainians and Russians who flee the ongoing conflict and war. “At the time of humanitarian crisis, I know that my ability to speak the Russian language and expertise in legal, business, and finance areas are important for many refugees and new immigrants who are settling in Canada and who are trying to establish their businesses in the new country.” Mayya says that she was able to help many refugees with important and helpful information, business advice, and resources.

“I remember helping a woman from a small town in Ukraine, who fled the war with two kids to take care of, but undying passion to build something of her own. She started by selling women’s and children’s clothing locally at an exhibition and now runs a successful online retail business, and as she does this, she also empowers other Ukrainian women. Supporting enterprising individuals like this woman and witnessing them achieve success is the most constructive and pleasurable part of my work.”

Mayya Bykov believes that entrepreneurship has the potential to not only support the economy and generate jobs, but it truly makes any nation self-dependent and self-sustainable in the long run. This is why it is Mayya’s long-term goal to continue supporting and advising small and medium-sized enterprises and startups on their business journeys.

Mayya Bykov can stand at the helm of any organization, shape its future, and steer it towards success. Her attention to detail, ability to adapt on the go, and impressive business acumen give Mayya an advantage, but her natural leadership skills and desire to solve problems are the main reasons that make her the exceptional entrepreneur she is. The work is tiresome, but at the end of each day, she feels inspired to persevere and take on a new challenge, solve a new problem, or learn a new skill. That’s the mindset that separates the good entrepreneurs from the great ones, and Mayya Bykov, she is the great one.