Sanders Rakes in 25 Million in January Donations.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has astounded political experts and heartened his supporters by reporting today that his campaign has raised over twenty-five million dollars last month, January. The media are calling this sum ‘staggering,’ and predict the financial windfall will be of significant help to him in New Hampshire’s upcoming precinct caucus meetings. In the primary race in Iowas, Sanders is basically neck-and-neck with Buttigieg, and needs to break out in a big way in New Hampshire in order to build up enough steam to win nomination as the official Democratic contender. 

Sanders’ campaign staff is already busy buying up as much television, radio, newspaper, and online advertising as it possibly can around the country to promote the Sanders campaign platform.

Sanders can now afford to boost his digital media buys by an enormous amount, while most other Democratic candidates are having to start pulling in their horns and cutting back on digital advertising. 

Sanders secret to fundraising, as he is quick to explain to reporters and to his audiences, is that he shuns the big celebrity-crowded dinners where it costs a thousand dollars or more to sit down for chicken cordon bleu and a speech. Instead, says Sanders, he relies on the small contributions of tens of thousands of supporters throughout the country who agree with his agenda. So far, that strategy is working well for him.