Military Funds Diverted for Border Wall Construction.

Pentagon spokespersons have announced that the military has drawn up a plan to detour nearly four billion dollars from military equipment expenditures to constructing a border wall between the United States and Mexico. Congress was informed of this decision yesterday. Both Republicans and Democrats alike have registered strong displeasure over this diversion of money from protecting soldier’s lives to what some are now calling a massive boondoggle. 

This is the latest attempt by the President to make good on his 2016 campaign promise to voters that a border wall would be completed during his first administration. Now that he is running for a second term, the President seems bound and determined to get the wall up and running by hook or by crook. To get the funding despite Congress’ reluctance, President Trump declared a national state of emergency last year, which is still in effect, which, he claims, allows him to divert federal funds earmarked by Congress for one purpose to a completely different purpose.

Republican Representative from Texas Mac Thornberry called the move a desperate attempt to destroy the separation of powers that is inherent in the Constitution. Thornberry is calling instead for the Trump administration to send more ICE agents to the border to handle the continuing influx of refugees.