MAGFAST Review: MAGFAST Family Changes the Game

If you take a look at the many portable devices in your home, you probably have at least one battery that’s on the verge of conking out when you need it most. Maybe it’s your smartphone, which has gotten a little less reliable over the years. Maybe it’s your tablet device, which seems like it’s always at five percent when you need to look up a recipe or watch an instructional video. Perhaps it’s even a car sitting in your driveway after going unused for a few weeks or months.

No matter what it is, it’s a problem that current charging devices have clearly failed to solve. Keeping our many batteries juiced up when we need them can feel like a full-time concern. It clogs outlets, wastes energy, and can cause us to miss important calls or big moments – especially now that we rely on technology more than ever before.

Changing the Equation for Years to Come

The MAGFAST Family of chargers allows you to rethink charging and declare independence from the plague of bulky, unreliable, and unsightly chargers in your home, suitcase, car, and everywhere else. Using MAGFAST’S unique magnetic connection, you can simply snap your MAGFAST devices together to power them up effortlessly, which gives you the ability to keep your devices running in mission-critical situations.

The foundation of this family of chargers is MAGFAST Wall – The exceptional upgrade to one of the world’s most popular charger designs, including height-adjustable adaptor tips available for the old Micro-USB, ultra-modern USB-C and Apple’s lightning connector with top and bottom magnetic charging for your other MAGFAST chargers. These include Life, an elegant daily portable charger; Road, a groundbreaking car charger; Air, a cradle for your phone that snaps on to Wall or any other MAGFAST charger; and Extreme, a massive power supply able to keep you connected and even jump-start your car in an emergency situation. Many of these individual devices include a number of important features, such as multiple Qi Wireless charging pads, and together, they create a unique and unprecedented charging experience.

What People Are Saying

MAGFAST reviews are coming in as early adopters prepare to receive their products.

Patsy Gamble writes, “I think the MAGFAST Family is just amazing. I look forward to getting a new email every Friday from Seymour. The way he explains everything of the production, the security, the idea, [and] the powerfulness of the charging family. I am just so excited for this to finally come out of production. I can’t wait. And I share it with all my friends and family; they think I’m crazy. LOL. I just think it’s wonderful.”

Isreba Wheeler writes, “If you’ve never stepped into the framework of an up-and-coming business, you’ll never get it. Everything takes time, but look how beautifully things can turn out. In the world of scammers, hackers, and out-right thieves, one is prone to worry. However, this allows a person to get in on the ground floor. That takes patience. It can be a steep uphill climb, but I am so glad that I patiently waited, as I am right now with MAGFAST. Thank you for keeping us in the loop.”

Gayla Klunder writes, “I have no problem with the time it is taking to ship the final product. I feel that everything was sufficiently explained upfront. We were not just purchasing a product but were [also] funding the production of the entire line. As for the updates, I truly appreciate knowing how things are progressing. I feel that Seymour has done a great job of letting us know where things stand.”

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