Ron Bauer on Preparing the Perfect Investor Pitch

Every entrepreneur wants their business to succeed. Yet the journey of a thousand miles begins with a perfect investor pitch. Even if you’re interested in raising capital, a solid elevator pitch proves that you understand your business, the market, and the overall industry. This pitch comes in handy should you suddenly need an angel or seed investor, crowdfunding, or other support. 

Meet Ron Bauer 

Ron Bauer is a business mentor and leading authority in the capital raising industry. He teaches founders how to raise money and go public. He guides entrepreneurs and founders of all types, from startups to advanced late stage companies, that have been around for 20 to 30 years. 

Ron’s mentorship goes beyond anything you’d find in the marketplace today. For starters, he looks at your investor materials to check if everything is okay or if there are areas that need improvement. He also helps founders by listening to their pitch, recording it, and pointing out ways to improve them. 

Ron has been in business for over 20 years. He has a track record of helping businesses thrive. Ron has helped pre revenue startup companies raise insane amounts of money. He has heard thousands of pitches and has closed dozens of deals. 

Preparing the perfect Investor Pitch 

Creating the perfect investor pitch starts with having the right investor materials. Regarding your business plan, executive summary, financial model, or corporate video, the idea is to include the right information to show your thorough strategy and sound financial acumen. 

Creating such an elevator pitch takes years of practice. Yet even when you practice, you would benefit a lot more if you had the guidance of a leading industry expert. 

Ron takes the time to listen to an entrepreneur’s pitch. He says that everyone can improve their pitch. So what Ron does is he helps entrepreneurs understand the psychology of their pitch. Why people would invest and why they wouldn’t. Next, Ron enables you to improve that pitch as close to perfection as possible, making you so comfortable it becomes an extension of who you are.

Let’s say that you pitched to your friends and family. Ron might help you see that maybe your pitch was turned down because you didn’t look or feel or sound professional. Your collateral materials (e.g., executive summary, investor presentation, business plan e.t.c) may not be properly written or designed. How do you design them? According to Ron, you hire a professional copywriter and a seasoned graphic designer. Most people are reluctant to hire experts to handle their investor materials. They feel that it’s too expensive or not worth it. Yet Ron says that it’s a good idea to let someone else prepare your materials and work on them with you, write them up, and then you can edit them. 

The next item that Ron looks at is your sales pitch and story. What is the compelling story that you’re telling people? Ron has helped take many companies public over the years. He’s had big success stories and big failures. Not every deal that he’s helped has become a success story. Ron has experienced some catastrophic flops too. Yet, because of these experiences, he can tell what works and what doesn’t.

Working with Ron 

Working with Ron will help you craft the perfect elevator pitch quickly. You’ll also get the added benefit of working with a leading authority and expert who has built many businesses and helped many go public. Ron offers boot camps and long-term 1-on-1 coaching. You can attend one of his boot camps to get motivated to have him guide you as your business mentor. Check out Ron’s website for more.