The Kent Family Office has now funded over 100 Million Dollars to Small Businesses throughout US

The Kent Family Office is a New York based personal family office of  Thomas J. Kent Jr., the Chairman & C.E.O. of  Kent Global LLC a large-scale investment banking firm. The Kent Family Office has officially announced today that it has funded more than 100 million dollars to small businesses throughout America in the last few months. These completed financings were all done through their joint partnerships with family offices all over the entire world.

The Kent Family Office was founded with one single goal in mind – to fund private business owners. Most business owners are now afraid to seek out the funding they need mainly because they think no lender is ever on their side. These financings provided by The Kent Family Office are to help those business owners unable or unwilling to go through traditional bank financing model. All of this ensures a vibrant and active economy for those business owners located all across the blessed United States of America. Through every business on main street, American thrives as a whole. Small business owners are the backbone of society. Kent Family Office comes through for those same business owners in their time of need.

By marketing through an extensive and wide ranged network of Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs), strategic partners, Direct Sales and Renewals Groups, The Kent Family Office has added value to hundreds of thousands of businesses in the United States by helping to ensure their financial and fiscal strength and fortitude. Especially in these trying times, this is not an easy task at all. The strategic partners now bring the deal flow to The Kent Family Office to help out their clients.

Thanks to a commitment of premium personal service and strong business relationships with Morgan Brookshire ISO’s, processors and other important strategic partners,  The Kent Family Office has successfully provided funding in excess of $100 million over the last few months alone, all this through their strategic connections with family offices around the world.  The Kent Family Office goal is to continue to excel within the industry standards for quality, integrity and dependability that customers and business partners have come to expect from The Kent Family Office. There is something comforting for customers in knowing that they can turn to The Kent Family Office for a shoulder to lean on during tough times.

The Kent Family Office  is proud of being able to play a continuing role in the growth and development of an increasing number of the 29.5 million small business owners that are the ultimate backbone of the U.S. economy. Without a strong backbone, our nation’s business owners will not be able to withstand any financial onslaught by an outside foreign entity. Actively led by a management team of top-tier professionals, The Kent Family Office combined expertise draws on long term experience from across a broad base of related industries such as corporate finance, consumer credit, credit card processing and large-scale financial services. All of this will help the average business owner and stop their struggles in the daily monetary grind and help them get a firm footing in the financial realm.