DrOwl Makes Leveraging And Accessing Your VA Medical Records Easy

Medical records are no longer the property of the medical facility or the medical provider as of last year.  They are, in fact, the property of the patient.  Therefore, those seeking care through the Veteran’s Administration, or VA, as it is typically called, are being offered a seamless way to access and understand their medical records.  This access also includes records held with Medicare and thousands of other medical providers.  Through a connection with DrOwl, the HIPAA-compliant, secure platform built on patented technology, VA members can now access, understand, and share their medical records which can help with the quality of care and outcomes.

DrOwl’s proprietary platform uses both artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a customized Patient Portal for each individual patient.  This includes physician-curated content that is written in user-friendly language so patients can better understand their health trajectories.  By connecting with DrOwl, the VA has significantly extended their patient reach, while modernizing their healthcare methodologies.  DrOwl enables patients, family members, and their caregivers to have a clearer background of their loved one’s health, which, in turn, can help lead to better outcomes and longevity.

DrOwl users can see their medical records easily inside the app.  They can also share information, and maintain a portable health history, which can be given to practitioners and caregivers on-demand.  All VA members can now personally sign up for DrOwl for free and utilize the wealth of options the app provides at no cost.  The app aggregates medical records for multiple sources and creates one unique, secure health record.

“Healthcare is personal,” said Arvind Raichur, CEO, and Co-Founder of DrOwl.  “No one knows someone’s health history better than the patient themselves.  By offering Veterans and their families a better way to manage their healthcare needs, we are not only giving back to them but also supporting them when it matters most.”

Patients can also find errors in their medical records through DrOwl which they can discuss with their care providers.  Correcting these errors can sometimes be lifesaving.  Studies have shown that over 70% of medical records can potentially contain errors.  By correcting any inaccuracies, providers can better diagnose and treat medical conditions more accurately.  Because the DrOwl platform enables patients to not only read but also better understand their medical histories, there is a very real, proactive opportunity to help impact the quality of one’s care on an ongoing basis.

To learn more about DrOwl, please visit https://www.drowl.com/military