How Fashion Nova Is Staying On Par With Big Brands In The Fashion Industry Today

Fashion Nova is a US-based brand that has become very popular in the past three years. Many people don’t know when Fashion Nova was launched. It feels like the fast-fashion brand just came out of nowhere and took the world by storm. However, this is not the case.

Fashion Nova was started by Richard Saghian in 2006 as a clubwear brand. The company didn’t go online until 2013 when Saghian discovered that people were reselling his products online for a profit.

Since going online in 2013, Fashion Nova has grown from having 1 brick-and-mortar store to having 5 stores across Los Angeles and a social media following of over 20 million people.

Most of the other big fashion brands have been existing for over 2 decades, years before Fashion Nova was launched. However, Fashion Nova has been able to move past most of them to set itself on top of the fast-fashion chain, in direct competition with other big fashion brands.

How is Fashion Nova able to stay on top?

How Fashion Nova is Able to Compete With Other Big Brand

1.      Consistency

One thing that Fashion Nova has shown over the years is consistency. Since the company went online, they’ve stuck to their goals and made moves that keep them in line with these goals.

They utilize the “One Thing Strategy” pretty well, focusing on only one thing until they achieve their goals.

Firstly, since Saghian launched on Instagram in 2013, it has remained their major distribution channel. They haven’t pushed all their energy into Twitter even though they also have an active account there. Instagram is where most of their customers are, and they continue to grow their presence.

After getting on Instagram, Saghian discovered that it was going to take him less effort to make it big on social media than if he went with his initial goal of opening 100 brick-and-mortar stores across the United States. He was also going to have a global reach online, not limited to the United States alone.

Apart from using Instagram, Fashion Nova has remained consistent with its goal. It has not changed since they launched. All Saghian wants is to sell quality, trending products to customers at the best affordable prices in the market, getting as many people as possible to join the Fashion Nova family.

2.      Ultra-Fast Fashion

Fashion Nova is known as the fastest fashion brand in the world, releasing new styles faster than any other fast-fashion brand. While some fast-fashion brands release about 500 new styles every month, Fashion Nova releases between 600 and 900 new styles every week.

That’s a lot!

How is this possible? How do they make it happen?

Fashion Nova has over 1,000 designers across Los Angeles working on their new releases. When the media team gets the trending styles on the internet, they send it to the designers who produce new, similar samples within 24 hours.

So, in just 1 day, these clothes are ready to be worn by models who then take pictures the next day. When the pictures are done, they are uploaded to the website and Instagram, and they start selling.

This is how fast designs are produced on Fashion Nova.

This strategy has been able to keep the brand on par with other big brands because they cannot compete with the frequency at which Fashion Nova releases its products. By releasing so many, Fashion Nova gets millions of people from different countries shopping on its website every week.

3.      Attractive Price Point

Fashion Nova’s products being affordable is one of the reasons why the brand has such a large customer base. People don’t have to spend all their hard-earned money on clothes anymore when they can simply head over to Fashion Nova to get new clothes at extremely low prices.

Apart from a few items, most items on Fashion Nova cost less than $50, with some products going for as low as $5. These price points allow Fashion Nova to be the go-to brand for Gen Z shoppers and middle-class consumers.

4.      Inclusivity

Fashion Nova has been able to expand its customer base by making products for virtually everybody. The brand initially made club-wear for women, but expanded to include other styles of clothing. After that, they added more diverse sizing with the Curve Collection. They didn’t stop there – Fashion Nova continued to diversify, creating additional lines for both men and children, as well as a beauty line.

By doing this, Fashion Nova was able to get millions of people to the shop who wouldn’t have found something if the company had stuck to just selling club-wear. Many of the customers never really found a brand that made clothes that looked good on their bodies, until Fashion Nova expanded.

5.      Instagram Strategy

Fashion Nova’s Instagram strategy is one that has put it on top of the ladder. It made Fashion Nova the most searched fashion brand on Google in 2018 and also the best Instagram brand of 2018. The social media strategy made the brand following grow to over 20 million in only 7 years.

Fashion Nova uploads up to 30 pictures a day, which increases daily engagement on the page. But, posting so many pictures of models doesn’t totally guarantee that the page will grow and the company will make more sales.

So, Fashion Nova also uploads pictures of Nova Babes – ladies that shop on the site and upload their pictures on Instagram. These customers want to be featured on Fashion Nova’s page and be seen by millions of people, so they shop and tag Fashion Nova on their pictures to be featured. #NovaBabes has become a strong community of customers, creating a space for them to come together online.

Finally, Fashion Nova has a very strong influencer network, with over 3,000 people posting pictures of themselves in Fashion Nova outfits and urging their followers to shop using their coupon codes. From Cardi B to Kylie Jenner, and even Megan Thee Stallion, Fashion Nova keeps partnering with people that increase the reach and impact of the brand.