Jay Hawreluk’s AcuMax Index® Tells Us Every Person’s Innate Strengths and Limitations. Objectively Understanding This Creates the Ability for People to Be Their Best.

In the ever-evolving world of business and relationships, understanding human behavior and finding the right people for the right roles are vital elements of success. Jay Hawreluk, the founder of the AcuMax Index®, has dedicated his career to unraveling the mysteries of human interactions and empowering organizations to make objective, informed hiring decisions. With his groundbreaking approach, Jay has transformed the way companies assess their candidates, leading to increased productivity, job satisfaction, and overall success.

The AcuMax Index®:

The AcuMax Index® is not your typical personality or behavioral assessment. Instead, it delves into a person’s innate wiring, the neural pathways created during the critical 18 to 24 months after birth. These pathways form the foundation of an individual’s approach to business and relationships, making them a unique asset in the professional world. Unlike behavioral traits, which can change over time, a person’s wiring remains constant, providing a clear and stable understanding of their strengths and limitations.

Objective Assessment of Potential Candidates:

Jay’s company specializes in providing objective assessments of potential candidates for companies. By utilizing the AcuMax Index®, organizations can gain valuable insights into each candidate’s compatibility with a specific role. This goes beyond mere qualifications and experience and focuses on finding the right fit based on innate wiring. This unique approach ensures that candidates are not only highly skilled but also aligned with the company’s culture and values.

Improving Human Interactions:

The primary mission of Jay’s company is to improve human interactions in the workplace. By going beyond external factors like nationality, religion, gender, age, and maturity, and delving into the core of an individual’s wiring, they can foster better relationships and team dynamics. This deeper understanding allows employees and managers to communicate effectively, maximize their strengths, and create a more harmonious and productive work environment.

A Supportive and Autonomous Team:

Jay’s team consists of seven autonomous individuals who work remotely. They operate with a high level of trust and responsibility, resulting in phenomenal customer service. Their client-centric approach ensures that every inquiry is addressed promptly, and their expertise is readily available to assist clients in their hiring and team-building endeavors.

Client Experience and Onboarding Process:

The onboarding process with the AcuMax Index® is seamless and efficient, with clients being up and running on the same day they engage the service. The team provides comprehensive support, from setting up the software to conducting systems webinars and workshops to educate clients on how to use the assessment effectively. The experience is marked by great customer service, quick response times, and ongoing support, creating lasting partnerships with clients.

Driving Results and ROI:

The AcuMax Index® offers a remarkable return on investment by reducing the risk of hiring mismatches. Avoiding even one poor hire can offset the cost of the investment for the entire year. Clients experience a significant improvement in their hiring process, leading to a higher hit rate of successful hires who remain with the company for the long term.

Social Proofs and Credibility:

Jay’s AcuMax Index® has gained recognition for its effectiveness, cost-efficiency, and customer service excellence. The company boasts a wealth of success stories from satisfied clients across various industries. Its unique approach to hiring has revolutionized how businesses assess their candidates, attracting clients seeking better outcomes and stronger teams.


Jay Hawreluk’s AcuMax Index® has emerged as a game-changer in the realm of talent acquisition and team building. By embracing objective assessments of innate wiring, organizations can unlock the full potential of their workforce. With a passion for unraveling the mysteries of human behavior, Jay and his team empower businesses to make well-informed, data-driven hiring decisions that lead to increased productivity, job satisfaction, and ultimately, long-term success.