Is Your Daycare Safe?

A safe daycare center should have a stimulating environment, sound security policy, clean and tidy setting, well-trained staff, and age-group separation. It should also have a good reputation, an up-to-date license, and a strict policy regarding illness. A daycare center with these qualities will create a trustworthy and comfortable environment for children and give parents peace of mind.

Signs of a Safe Daycare Center

A Stimulating Environment

Some of the features of a stimulating daycare environment include engaged children, active interaction between staff members and the children, and availability of quality, age-appropriate toys. Other factors include everyday activities like talking, playing, dancing, singing, and reading.

A sound Security Policy

A locked door policy is a must-have in any daycare. This policy prevents children from wandering around the neighborhood and allows only authorized persons to access the daycare center.

Clean and Tidy Setting

A clean and neat building is a sign of professionalism in the daycare center. It also means that staff members can easily find everything that children need. If the building is dirty and cluttered, children will have a high risk of falling and suffering injuries. If a child slips and falls because of wet or icy floors in the daycare center, the parent can file a premises liability lawsuit against that daycare center.

Age-Group Separation

Toddlers and older kids should be separated from babies who are below one year. Toddlers can be extremely playful and slightly unstable on their feet.

Up-to-Date License

A good daycare center must have a valid and up-to-date license from either the state or local government. While an up-to-date licensing isn’t an indication of the quality of a daycare provider, it is a sign of commitment.

Solid Reputation

A good daycare center will have a good reputation, including stellar reviews from both past and current parents. In addition to online reviews, requesting the names and contact details of a few parents and calling them for references is a great way to determine if a daycare center is reputable. Checking social media sites like Facebook is another great way to determine whether a daycare provider is reputable. When parents are actively participating and seem engaged, then that is a clear sign of a reputable provider.

A Strict Policy Regarding Illness

A safe daycare center must have a strict policy that requires sick staff members and children to remain at home. If a child falls sick or is injured while playing a game within the daycare facility, the daycare should respond quickly by calling an ambulance and notifying the parent.

Safe Means of Transportation

Getting kids from one point to another is one of the things that go into operating a daycare center. It could be a bus transporting them from their homes to the daycare center. It could also be a bus taking them on a tour. Transporting the kids from one point to another can be quite challenging because of the many possible risks related to childcare transportation. As such, daycare centers should use the right type of transportation, hire trustworthy drivers, make sure there is enough supervision, and ensure buses are fitted with age-appropriate seat restraints.