8 Effective Ways to Protect Your Yard Against Moles

8 Effective Ways to Protect Your Yard Against Moles

Moles are a garden’s worst nightmare, constantly tunneling through the underground soil, hungry for plant life. Moles love soft ground and will dig up areas that have been previously disturbed. And if you don’t keep them out of your garden, they can even begin to destroy it. But thankfully, there are ways to protect your yard from moles.

1. Baiting

Moles can sense and detect the scent of animal attractants, such as garlic. Using commercial mole traps and mole-repellent products is an effective way to protect your yard against moles. Because moles rely on their keen sense of smell for food and shelter, baiting them with a rodenticide will cause them to move away from your property.

2. Applying Repellents

You can protect your yard from moles by applying repellents. Repellents such as pepper, hot sauce, mothballs, and cayenne pepper are easy to use. Sprinkling cayenne pepper powder on the soil’s surface or mixing it with water and spraying it on plants is an excellent way to repel moles.

3. Trapping

Trapping is an effective way to get rid of moles. It can be done either by hand or with the help of a mole trap. Mole traps use the mole’s instinctual attraction to animal foods and smell to lure them into a cage where they will be trapped.

4. Digging a Trench for a Barrier

Moles are masters at digging tunnels in the soil and have been known to drill holes up to three feet across. These tunnels can lead directly to the water table, causing damage or even flooding your yard. To create a barrier, dig a trench beneath your garden and fill it with rocks or bricks. This will deter moles from digging into your property.

5. Eliminating Their Food Source

The food source of moles is dung, which consists of rotting animal byproducts. Finding the type of animal that creates this dung can help you eliminate the source. You can remove the dung with an appropriate herbicide and spray it back into your yard.

6. Keeping Your Lawn Tidy

Moles love gardening because it provides them with an abundance of food. Grasslands are the favorite habitat of moles, so trimming your lawn will lessen their chances of digging a tunnel through it. Also, ensure your yard is open to plants and grasses. If you can’t cut off their access to your garden, consider installing a fence that will help stop them from digging in.

7. Using Ultrasonic Devices

Ultrasonic devices use high-frequency electronic sound that is inaudible to humans but persuasive to moles. The sound travels through the ground and irritates moles. This will make it hard for them to sleep and eventually cause them to move away from your yard.

8. Stimulating Drought Conditions

Moles cannot dig through the already moist soil, so you can use this to your advantage by making it harder for them to dig up your garden. Place a water-absorbing material, such as sand or gravel, in the soil. This will reduce the surface area of the ground available for moles to dig in.

Moles are constantly on the hunt for the perfect place to settle. They’re always digging and tunneling in pursuit of dung, their primary food source. Moles will make a home underneath your garden, which can lead to irreparable damage that needs professional help. Once you’ve found the solution to your mole troubles, you can protect your yard from these burrowing pests.