7 Interesting Facts About How Honey is Harvested

Honey’s rich sweetness and fragrant aromas make it one of the most delicious foods on Earth. In addition to sweetening a variety of foods and drinks, honey is widely used for various purposes including skincare and medicinal.

Its amazing properties and delicious taste make it unique, completely in a class of its own. Nowadays, harvesting honey has become a science. Beekeepers harvest combs full of honey which is brought to market to be sold at high prices for the most pristine varieties.

Here are seven interesting facts about how honey is harvested. Let’s get buzzing!

1. Honey is Harvested in Two Major Types

The honey that you see in the store comes in two varieties, extracted and comb honey. The first type, extracted, is the standard way of producing honey. The other type, comb honey, is not as widely popular because it is more exclusive.

Comb honey requires careful harvesting and delicate management resulting in an edible comb that is nutritious and delicious.

2. Honey is Extracted by Centrifugal Force

It is not science fiction, it is simply using the laws of physics to extract honey from the frames that are ready for harvesting. A special device is used that contains a cylindrical drum that holds the honey frame. It spins extracting the honey, which then falls into a jar.

3. Honey Harvesting is Seasonal

Contrary to popular belief, honey harvesting is best during the summer and fall seasons. This is the time after the nectar production of plants takes place. During winter months, honey can still be harvested, but it is not as abundant because bees face drought, extreme cold, and lack of food.

4. Bees Become Defensive During Harvesting

As you can imagine, bees try to protect their honey from intruders. The beekeepers must wear full protective gear to avoid dangerous attacks. Some countries use a smoking method where fir leaves are burnt, which causes the bees to become calm and unable to spread pheromones that communicate an intruder emergency.

5. Safe Honey Harvesting Happens Indoors

Some inexperienced beekeepers harvest honey outdoors or even next to the hive because perhaps they don’t have an indoor space. This is a problematic decision, to stay safe, honey is best harvested inside a well-ventilated and clean space with running water and electricity.

6. Harvested Honey Must be Stored in Air-Tight Jars

Glass jars are the best for keeping honey fresh for a long time. However, the jar must have a well-sealed air-tight closure. If air enters the jar, the moisture will penetrate the honey and ferment it.

7. A Bee Works All Its Life To Harvest 1/12 of a SpoonFul of Honey

This fact will help you gain more respect for bees. They are by far, one of the most precious insects on the planet. Bees are some of the most hard-working animals, which makes honey a very precious substance.

Which fact did you find the most interesting?

Now that you know more about how honey is harvested, you probably have a better understanding of why honey is such a prized product. Imagine our world without this deliciously sweet alternative packed with health benefits. The next time you taste honey after reading these facts, it will certainly taste sweeter.