How to Grow The Online Presence Of Your Small Business

An online presence is more necessary than ever with the world going digital. People might not ever set foot in your location especially with delivery methods being so widely available. The first impression that a number of people will get of a business will come from online resources. Something as simple as responding to positive and negative comments on review websites makes a difference. Salvaging a relationship with a customer is important as is the image of trying to make things right. The following are tips to grow the online presence of your small business.

Website Design Matters 

Website design matters in a myriad of ways including how your website is ranked by search engines. The website can help customers set appointments or see your company’s offerings. The website should be designed with goals in mind for each specific section. Product pages should be easy to navigate especially for those that know the product name or number. The checkout process should be seamless while maintaining security. You do not want a large number of customers stopping the checkout process due to being too slow or tedious.

Social Media Is Useful

Social media can be used to promote and engage with followers. Informing customers of a sale or special event can be easy with a social media post and email blast. Creating a sense of community among the followers can take time but it is possible. Social media should match the overall tone of the company which is important when it comes to brand image. Help highlight certain employees as putting a face to a voice or email can be important in a customer’s journey. 

Enlist The Help Of Freelance Writers 

Freelance writers can be a huge help as they can help with everything from the company blog to copy for landing pages. Digital marketing agencies usually have a number of these writers that they can rely on and manage. Freelancers could have digital marketing agency experience but would rather work on a contract basis due to the freedom it gives them professionally. A freelance writer or two could save you a large amount of time especially if writing is not your specialty. 

Climbing Search Engine Rankings 

Search engine rankings are important for any business as they want to come up first when certain keywords are searched. Local businesses can target local keywords in order to rank higher than a national brand. Content marketing can help build important backlinks that add to the authority of your small business website. The creation of resources that are updated regularly can be used to build backlinks. Taking the time to target relevant websites with an efficient link building campaign can generate results. The right link can generate leads and sales over the course of a decent period.

Growing the online presence of your small business is going to take a financial investment. Tracking the ROI of your digital marketing spend can show you how effective it can truly be. Take the time to assess your digital marketing and online presence to see where it can improve.