Residential or Commercial Lawn Mower

Commercial lawn mowers are useful for companies that offer mowing services, while residential lawn mowers are for homeowners. They are built with different features to be useful in what they are meant to do. Commercial lawn mowers can be used for longer hours and duration and still survive. The residential lawn mower has features suitable for the homeowner to use twice or once a week. Both mowers are meant to perform the same work, and that is to cut grass. You have to know the differences to understand the machines and how they perform. Below are a few differences of how the commercial and residential mowers differ to help you make the right purchase.

1. Price

The price of a lawnmower will depend on the features, brand, and type. Commercial lawn mowers are expected to cost more as they have complex features to support heavy-duty work daily. Residual lawn mowers require a few unique features, and the work is relatively easy; thus, they will cost less than commercial ones. You can know if a lawnmower is a commercial one by price first before you start looking at other features and specs of the machine. It is vital to keep in mind that the high prices of commercial lawn mowers are due to the machine’s quality and the fact that it will serve you over a long period doing heavy-duty work for longer hours. The effort and system used to build a commercial lawn mower influences this price.

2. Performance

The engine used in a commercial lawn mower is not the same as in a residential one. A commercial lawn mower needs a strong engine with high horsepower to ensure it will operate for long hours. The commercial lawn mowers’ features have to be selected in terms of endurance due to heavy-duty work. They are expected to be used in bigger projects and for a long time. Residential lawn mowers have a relatively strong engine, and with the right maintenance, they will survive for a long time. You must ensure you cater to your needs and choose what will work for the work you have in mind.

3. Quality

The overall construction of a commercial lawn mower is considered strong and of high quality. Every compound used to complete a commercial lawnmower system is considered strong and meant for heavy-duty work. When building a commercial lawn mower, the manufacturer considers components that will last for a long time despite being used for long hours and heavier duties. Residential lawn mowers are quality for their purpose, only that they are not built with the same quality features used in a commercial one. The difference in the engine, construction, and system used in commercial and residential lawn mowers is due to the differences in the job they are constructed to do. Commercial lawn mower features are meant to support performance in large fields, for instance, sports fields, to provide a clean trim.

4. Power Consumption 

Due to the durability of the system and engine used to manufacture a commercial lawn mower, you will expect more gas and power to be used. The machine is made for heavy-duty work, which means power consumption is higher than a residential lawn mower.

5. Landscape

A residential lawn mower is not suitable for any landscape. You have to be cautious of how your land is, be it sloppy, flat, or hilly, before purchasing one to get the desired result. For a commercial lawn mower, you can use it in any landscape. It works best in hilly, sloppy, or any type of land because of the features used to support performance.

Commercial and residential lawn mowers are different. The difference above can help you understand what you want depending on the job you have in mind. Both types are meant to cut glass with different features to support the length of grass cut and the size of land used to mow. You can know which lawnmower to get depending on how you plan to use it.