How to Sell Your Bentley

Bentley automobiles epitomize luxury. From their classic Continental to their state-of-the-art Flying Spur models, these automobiles are must-haves for anyone seeking top performance and design.

Although pre-owned Bentley markets tend to be beneficial for sellers, there are ways they can make their sale even more successful.

The History of Bentley Motors

Walter Owen (W.O) Bentley and Horace Millner established Bentley Motors in 1919 in Cricklewood, North London. W.O. Bentley developed his engineering expertise while working at Britain’s Great Northern Railway locomotive shops before producing aluminum pistons for Sopwith Camel aero engines during World War I.

After World War II, Bentley luxury vehicles became fashionable among wealthy British “Bentley Boys.” These were dashing former fighter pilots with plenty of cash and an irreverent approach forged through battle.

Bentley quickly expanded, winning 24 Hours of Le Mans races in 1924 and 1929 before ultimately being acquired by rival Rolls Royce before eventually being sold off to Volkswagen Group for $50 Million in 1998.

Nowadays, Bentley provides an exquisite blend of beauty and brawn, with its signature approach to design that caters specifically to owner specifications. However, these cars can still come at a steep price; however, used Bentleys can often start at less than the entry-level Rolls price point.

The Design

Bentley is one of the world’s premier luxury car brands, with headquarters in Crewe, England and an expansive workforce specializing in design, engineering, and production of its Continental GT, Flying Spur and Bentayga models.

Bentley takes an old-school approach to production that marries traditional hand craftsmanship with cutting edge technology, producing luxurious yet powerful vehicles built for years of driving pleasure.

Bentley takes an holistic approach to sustainability, prioritizing social sustainability while working to minimize their environmental footprint. By 2025, their goal is carbon neutrality with long term positive impacts created beyond simply offsetting emissions.

Andreas Mindt, Bentley’s new director of design, is driving innovative creative concepts forward by expanding creative approaches. With extensive car design experience — six years at Audi — Andreas’ vision for Bentley encompasses limousine luxury with sports sedan performance.

The Performance

Bentley cars are beautiful to look at and also pack plenty of power under their hoods. Their engines are specifically designed to be powerful yet efficient, enabling quick acceleration and high top speeds.

Bentley cars are known for their exceptional craftsmanship, which combines traditional methods with cutting-edge technologies like computerized mathematical modeling and cutting machines to craft vehicles that wouldn’t look out of place in an aerospace plant.

Bentley’s factory in Crewe, England serves as home for its design, R&D, engineering, and Mulliner departments – an exemplar of high-value British manufacturing at its best.

Bentley cars are built to last, with over 80% of all Bentleys ever made still on the road today. Bentley has set lofty goals through their Beyond100 program to reduce their environmental footprint; including carbon neutrality, plastic neutrality and social sustainability initiatives that should be completed by 2025.

The Value

Bentley vehicles hold a special place among superluxury cars. From an S1 coupe by Mulliner to their flagship Continental GT model, Bentley vehicles occupy a unique place. While other luxury car manufacturers focus on providing chauffeur-driven land yachts for their owners to drive themselves around in, Bentleys remain unique with their tradition of driver-oriented sedans and coupes designed to cross continents and bring motoring excitement.

Car and Driver has given Bentley’s flagship Continental GT coupe and convertible an exceptional rating of 10/10, while their Flying Spur sedan and Bentayga SUV provide an enjoyable driving experience tailored to those who appreciate luxury vehicles. Furthermore, Bentley vehicles depreciate less quickly than competitors making them an excellent investment choice.

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