Different Types of Yoga Studios

Yoga offers many styles and types, making it important to find one that best meets your needs and lifestyle. From relaxing sessions to intensive workouts, there is sure to be a studio that meets them all!

Yoga Sculpt, more commonly referred to as power yoga, is an intense fitness class which blends traditional yoga poses with strength training exercises for an invigorating workout. It’s highly recommended for anyone seeking an intense challenge!


Physically challenging, this style requires much dedication and focus. Poses are held for longer than in vinyasa styles to foster concentration and focus. Furthermore, its focus on precise alignment encourages weak parts to strengthen while stiff ones release. Furthermore, this form may help relieve aches and pains.

BKS Iyengar revolutionized yoga studios through his use of props such as blocks, straps, blankets, chairs and bolsters – now ubiquitous across yoga studios worldwide. He believed props could help achieve balance between strength and flexibility by supporting body postures, making yoga accessible for people of all ages and physical capabilities.

New York is an energetic city, making it the perfect setting for Iyengar yoga classes at Modo Yoga NYC. Their soothing space offers restorative classes set to perfectly-curated playlists; plus they provide free yoga mats so no hassle of carrying around your own mat is involved!


Bikram yoga, created by Bikram Choudhury in the 1970s, involves 26 poses that are repeated in a set sequence over 90 minutes during class – an intense workout designed to increase blood circulation while burning calories and popular among celebrities such as Andy Murray, Serena Williams and David Beckham.

Bikram classes take place in a heated studio that is maintained at 105 degrees and 45% humidity, to maximize weight loss while increasing flexibility and decreasing toxins from your body.

Core Power Yoga stands out as one of the premier Bikram studios in New York City. Offering traditional 90-minute Bikram yoga as well as music-infused 60-minute classes, its instructors are certified and trained in Bikram’s patented method and can offer helpful tips to their students about specific poses.


No matter your fitness or relaxation goals, there is a yoga studio perfect for you. Bikram yoga studios – named for founder Bikram Choudhury – provide intense yet fast-paced classes.

Others focus on stretching, relaxing or breathing exercises – including yin yoga which draws from Taoist traditions and uses seated poses held for one to 10 minutes in order to increase flexibility and increase mobility. It can also be an ideal form of treatment for individuals suffering from back pain or other physical limitations.

Jivamukti Yoga was developed by David Life and Sharon Gannon in 1984 and closely resembles Ashtanga in its warm-ups, posture sequences and incorporation of chanting, readings, meditation and the use of Ujjayi Breath (deep audible breathing that helps keep energy moving within your body) into classes. You’ll likely find Jivamukti classes offered at many yoga studios that may refer to themselves as flow yoga, vinyasa or power yoga; alongside this style you may even encounter Ashtanga classes!


Millions of people turn to yoga as a means of improving both physical fitness and mental wellbeing. There are various styles available, offering something suitable for every fitness goal as well as connecting spirituality.

No matter your level of experience or ability in yoga practice, finding the ideal studio is key. Your choice of type will depend on factors like mood, comfort level and what classes are offered at the studio.

Sky Ting Yoga Studio in Vancouver, British Columbia offers an enchanting and serene space where they offer classes and workshops, featuring experienced instructors renowned for their dedication and focus on alignment and technique – perfect for beginners or those seeking to refine their practice.