A Strong Culture Can Help Boost Your Company’s Trajectory

You have an idea that you think will change the business landscape permanently. Implementing this plan will take a competent team that takes personal pride in the jobs that they do. Failure to build a culture of success can hurt a business immensely.

Danielle Sabrina understands this as she is the founder and CEO of Tribe Builder Media. The firm handles content marketing in a variety of ways whether it is through press releases or high quality articles. 

Sabrina is quoted as saying,”Having a strong team and culture absolutely drives our success. We all really care about each other and that extends to the people we interact with,” Sabrina told Entrepreneur. “We truly care about sharing our client’s stories, and we’re dedicated to getting [them] out there.

Sabrina was named to the top five of the 2018 Entrepreneur 360 list. This measures impact, growth, leadership, valuation, and innovation when factored into business success. Entrepreneur caught up with her to ask her a few questions about her sustained success. 

How is success defined by you? 

While I don’t like to admit it, I have been a person that gets so focused on a goal that I have a tough time slowing down to enjoy the process. Balance being achieved is important as peace of mind is worth its weight in gold. Being able to enjoy the other aspects of life is important when it comes to rejuvenation. 

How Do You Personally Build a Company Culture to be Proud of?

You need to promote a culture of positive thinking as toxic thinking can be contagious. The workplace is at times an escape for people having problems in their personal lives. Being kind is essential while promoting efficient work in the office. We’re always looking for ways to work smarter so we can truly put our focus on the creative side of things while at the same time allowing us to manage our lives better.

Let your team tell you how they like to be managed and what hours they would like to work. Making compromises can allow employees to be more productive especially when working. A person that is stressed out all day because their child has been in daycare for more than 10 hours, or they have to get up at 4:00 a.m. to be able to get a workout in before they start their day. You want employees to work for a company they care about because the company cares about them/their input. 

What is One Feature of Yourself That Helps You Achieve All You Have?

Perseverance as there always must be a way that hasn’t been found yet. Remaining flexible when reaching for a goal is important as certain tactics might work during the infancy of a project only to fail later. To people on the outside, it can look like I have the ability to create or get something up and running almost overnight, but I always remind them that they don’t see all the years, months, days and hours I devote to teaching myself and dissecting how others have gotten from one point to another.