3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Heat Pump For Your Office

3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Heat Pump For Your Office

I know it’s the middle of summer right now, but it’s actually the best time to consider making upgrades to your office, especially during the summer holidays. Whether you’re looking to do some renovations of your office, or just simple upgrades, choosing to do so in the middle of the summer holidays is a great choice because it will minimize how much the business hours are disrupted. Depending on the size of the upgrades or renovations you might want to do, you may have to close the office for a few days or weeks, so if this caing n coincide with your employee’s paid time off, all the better. One thing I would focus on when it’s warm is preparing your office for the cooler months, so when the temperature drops you can rest assured knowing your employees will be comfortable and as productive as possible. Here are my top 3 tips for choosing the perfect heat pump for your office.

1. Pay Attention to the Size of the Office
If you have a large open space, then chances are you are going to need a more industrial heat pump or you may even need multiple heat pumps in order to achieve a comfortable temperature. Depending on the size of the space and your budget, what might be best for you is a geothermal heater. They’re extremely reliable and have a more industrial output, which can be great for larger commercial spaces. Being realistic about the size of the space and how warm you’d like it to be is the first step in choosing what kind of heat pump you’d like for your office.

2. Check the Energy Rating
During the winter months, usually one of the biggest components of a power bill is the heating. For that reason alone, you’re going to want to carefully examine the energy ratings of any heat pumps you’re considering. Some of them have cost estimates for how much it will cost to use them annually which can make it easier to compare different models. Considering how expensive heating costs can be, it’s important to buy the most efficient model you can afford. Not only will it be better on your businesses expenses, but will also be better for the environment too. This is one of those things that is worth a little more research to learn more about what will be the best fit for your office.

3. Think About Servicing
Heat pumps do need regular servicing, so it might be worth buying one that has a local agency to service it. When you’re considering which models to buy, ask the salesperson about how often they need to be serviced and what kind of options there are if anything needs to be replaced or changed – some brands have much more affordable pieces and parts which could be a wise choice for the long term. For a standard heat pump, you would expect to need to service it annually, but some brands and types might need more regular servicing. It’s worthwhile asking before you buy because this can impact the overall running costs of having one for your office.

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