A Look at How to Use CBD Oil to Improve Your Fitness Routine

A Look at How to Use CBD Oil to Improve Your Fitness Routine

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the many compounds found in the cannabis family of plants. It is not the part of the plant that gets you high, though it does plug into the cannabinoid receptors of your nervous system. If you’re working to build a better fitness routine or just trying to reduce occasional muscle pain, CBD can help.

Reduce Inflammation

CBD is loaded with antioxidants that can help carry away the free radicals released by a hard workout. Oxidation of your muscle tissue increases the breakdown of toxins in your system, and free radicals are an unfortunate output of a hard workout. These free radicals bind to your tissues to cause damage, premature aging and inflammation.

Antioxidants latch onto charged free radicals so they can be flushed from the body via our cleansing organs. The liver, kidneys, and gut all need water after a hard workout. If you can put a bit of sublingual CBD oil in a high protein smoothie after a hard workout, you can give your cleansing organs a boost.

Take the Edge Off Soreness

If you struggle with muscle soreness the next day, a bit of CBD throughout the day can help to take the edge off. For example, a quick foot rub with CBD lotion or cream can soothe sore feet if you stand and walk all day.

Other topicals are a great tool to reduce post-surgical scarring and reduce muscle soreness after physical therapy. Be aware that topicals take time to work; keep your doses small and track your response.

Recommended doses for CBD start at 1 mg per pound of body weight. A bit can calm you and soothe sore muscles, while a full dose can make you quite sleepy. Too much can cause stomach upset. Track your use and your reactions; CBD is personal.

Focus Your Mind

There are a lot of CBD users that use a full dose to help them fall asleep. Partial doses can be extremely helpful as well. Many find that microdosing CBD can help you to find focus when you’re tired after a hard workout and still have a lot to do. A half or quarter dose of CBD isolate, sprinkled in a beverage in the middle of the afternoon, can help you fight the doldrums, stay away from the candy machine, and keep working on your projects.

Sleep Deeply

If you have a hard time falling asleep at the end of a long day, a full dose of sublingual CBD can help. You can also stack your CBD to help stay asleep longer. For example, a gummy before bed will work after digestion, but a sublingual dose under the tongue will work within 15 minutes or so.

Taking both at the same time can support quality sleep for the first few hours of the night, and should help you stay asleep until the alarm goes off.

CBD is growing in popularity, though the research runs behind anecdotal evidence. Discuss your interest in CBD with your physician before you start using it as CBD can interfere with other medications.