5 Tips for Finding a Humidor to Give as a Gift

If you have been searching high and low for the perfect gift to give your boss, dad, or friend’s birthday. You need something personal that they will love and cherish for years to come. Have you considered giving them a humidor? These are more than just cigar holders; they can be personalized with engravings, different woods, finishes, and other options depending on what you’re looking for.

1) Figure out what type of humidor you want.

There are several types, including the tabletop or cabinet style, perfect for keeping at their home office or bedroom. If they are a man who loves to travel and doesn’t have much room in his suitcase, consider getting them an upright version that will fit perfectly into their bag without taking up too much space.

2)Buying Tips: Bigger isn’t always better.

When buying a humidor as a gift, you don’t want to go too big and take up all the room on their desk or shelf. Think about what they like to keep in it; for example, if he is more of an avid smoker than a collector, consider getting them one that can hold 20-30 cigars instead of 60+. If she has just started smoking and doesn’t own many yet, opt for something smaller so she can buy more cigars to fill it with overtime!

3) Don’t forget about the details.

When looking for a humidor, think of what features would be most beneficial to your loved one. For example, if they like taking their cigars on trips or camping with them, then consider getting them something that has an airtight seal and is waterproof; this way, even if it falls into some water (don’t ask how I know), everything will stay safe!

Other options include: cedar inserts for keeping the humidity level steady without any outside interference, locks so no friend can sneak off with their favorite cigar while he’s not looking, LED lights inside to make finding the perfect stogie easy at night time…the list goes on!

4) Don’t wait to start shopping.

If you are planning on getting a humidor as a gift, don’t leave it until the last minute! Most places have an order cutoff date about two weeks before Christmas so that they can get everything personalized and shipped out in time for the holidays. You want your loved one to be able to open their present with excitement instead of disappointment!

5) Wrapping Tips: If you plan to give the humidor in person, think about how you will present it.

Generally, people like packaging that is easy for them to open, so why not wrap it up with a bow and put it under their Christmas tree? You could always go traditional; however, if this isn’t your style, consider wrapping it in a plaid paper (her favorite pattern), leaving out some chocolates or flowers to fill her home with holiday cheer, or adding something extra special inside like tickets to see his favorite band!

Humidors make great gifts because they can be personalized any way you want. They come in different sizes and styles, which means there’s one perfect for everyone on your list. Remember that it doesn’t have to be just for cigars. If your cigar-smoking friend also collects pipes, think about getting them a dual humidor so they can store both in the same place! This will help keep their home or office looking nice and organized without compromising on space either.