I Love Growing Marijuana, Everything You Need to Know About Marijuana

ILGM - marijuana buds

The I Love Growing Marijuana, or ILGM, for short, is a hot spot for any cannabis and marijuana enthusiast looking to gain information on growing and harvesting the perfect cannabis strain available. The ILGM website is not like any other you’d find on the internet today. It has become the go-to site for anyone looking to start a grow from scratch or simply looking to get the most out of the crop they already have growing. 

I Love Growing Marijuana is a perfect starting point for someone looking for information and putting into practice the techniques and procedures necessary for growing and harvesting the perfect cannabis crop. On this site alone you will find information on getting seeds, nutrients, a specialist blog, grow guides, grow journals, usage, local information, grow support, shop support, and any special offers being run on the site from anywhere in the industry. The most common purpose people come to visit the site is to check out the grow guides. These guides cover everything from starting out, extra information on the cannabis plant, the different stages of growth, growing both indoors and outdoors, grow mediums, water and nutrients, troubleshooting for when your crop isn’t quite harvesting as expected, coveted strains, and even a growers dictionary so you can sharpen up on the lingo and gain a better understanding of the entire process. 

For those just starting out, the grow guide section covers pretty much everything possible. From why you should grow marijuana to selecting the seeds based on the THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) level and genetics. There is a beginner’s guide to growing marijuana for those who are starting from square one. These sections leave no stone unturned for anyone wanting to start and start properly with growing their own strains of cannabis

As well as covering the ins and outs of growing a healthy crop, ILGM can tell you exactly where to get some seeds. And the range is anything but lacking in variety. You’re only one click away from shopping for the best quality feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds as well as seeds from popular strains like gorilla glue, girl scout cookies, white widow, blueberry auto-flower, and blue dream. All top selling seeds to get you on your way to the perfect strain. 

And if that wasn’t enough, readers can also check out the grow journals for inspiration from others who have grown and harvested successful and healthy plants. If you’re having any difficulties and have queries that need addressing, the chances are you can find it has been covered by one of the experts in their journals they share on the site. Any other issues you may come across can be answered in the troubleshooting section where pretty much every possible incident has been covered by the team. 

If you’re looking to get started in growing your own strain of cannabis, look no further than I Love Growing Marijuana. Anything you might possibly need is found right here, on this site.