Have Our Lawmakers Handled the Coronavirus Responsibly?

The Coronavirus health pandemic is one that few if any truly anticipated. And that doesn’t just include ordinary citizens – at least for the most part. Indeed, it is the case that lawmakers also (at least for the most part), also were taken aback by the magnitude of the pandemic that struck our nation’s shores. Shalom Lamm and other investors have been grappling with the consequences of lawmakers’ mismanagement in many cases.

Some lawmakers have done a tremendous amount in terms of seeking out innovative and creative solutions to helping the American people in combatting this deadly virus. But not all have seemed up to the test, fully. Indeed, when a problem of this size and scope strikes, it is a major challenge to lawmakers on the local and national level alike.

Shalom Lamm and other members of the business environment have been dealing with the rather erratic economic situation this pandemic has caused. Indeed, we have seen our lawmakers step up to the plate in some unique ways since this pandemic struck – but has the help that’s been provided truly been adequate? Any business, small or medium-sized has surely gone through their Payment Protection loan by now. So what more can the government do?

The onus is on our elected officials to step up to the plate and come up with creative solutions that can have durable and long-lasting effects for their constituents. Will they be able to meet the test? We will see in the ensuing weeks and months ahead.