Everything You Need To Know About Hemp

You may have heard your friends, family, or passersby talking about Hemp and are now wondering to yourself, “What is this?” or, “Where did this come from?” Hemp is relatively new to the market, but it’s father product has been around for a while. Hemp comes from the bulb of Cannabis and has many of the same characteristics. But there are a few differences that should also be mentioned.

Hemp has a very strict restriction on the amount of THC that can be present in its products. What is THC you might ask? THC is the chemical in Cannabis that promotes intoxication and gives the user of Weed or Marijuana the high. Because Hemp is limited to less than .3% THC content, their products don’t produce a high or allow their user to become addicted as weed does. That’s another one of the reasons that in 2018 Hemp was legalized federally and declassified as an illegal drug. Now, you can buy the product in bulk online or in a variety of different formations. Here are a couple that are most common today: Find out more about THC from Delta 8 THC online.

1.      Hemp pre-rolls

These rolls come premade and don’t require any effort from the buyer. They’re rolled to smoke and are taken the same as cigarettes or blunts. Because they come pre-rolled they’re usually a little more expensive than what you would usually pay if you were simply wanting to buy the product in bulk and do the rolling yourself. Everyone’s looking for something different.

2.      Baked. 

If you’ve ever heard of “weed brownies” it’s basically the same thing. Some people as mentioned before are looking for hemp cigarettes, and to be honest that’s the most common use of this product. But if you’re hungry, a cigarette probably isn’t going to do it for you. So, put two and two together. Lots of people make hemp brownies, muffins, or anything else they feel like baking. This makes it easier to share as well. Not everyone likes passing a cigarette or blunt around, but it’s really easy to cut out individual brownie squares and share them with whomever you deem worthy. It’s incredibly easy to do as well. Buy some instant brownie mix, add in your hemp flower, and it’ll be done in 10-12 minutes. Not only will you be relaxed by your hemp then, but you’ll also have a delicious snack.

3.      Oils and remedies. 

Because of the healing properties found in cannabis and hemp, it’s commonly used in medicines and oils. They are also quite easy to make. Because of this, most of the oils made with hemp are done at home. Find a healing oil that’s been working for you and add in the CBD flower to bolster its properties. Or, start from scratch and use olive oil and whatever else you’ve found will help your ailment. I can’t pretend to have apothecary skills. I’ve never done this myself, but I’ve heard it works wonders. I’m sure you’ll find success in it.