A Complete Nurse Health Coach Program

Are you looking to become a board-certified nurse health coach? If so, you need to learn with a purpose and put yourself in the best position to succeed. To do so effectively, you need to learn all of the details of making the transition and you need to fully grasp real-life scenarios.

This can be very difficult to do by yourself. Because of this, you’ll want to tackle it by going through a proven program.

This program was designed with you in mind. It’s designed and built by nurses for nurses. It will set you on the right path toward becoming board certified.

1. Comprehensive Videos

You will want to learn from people who know what they are talking about. This is always important when making such a crucial transition in your career. You will notice the quality right away. It’s clear how much time and effort we put into the videos in your first module. You will notice that our videos are incredibly detailed and comprehensive. We have videos that will help you along the way. You won’t be wishing for higher quality videos throughout the entire duration of going through the course.

2. Certified Support

You will get the best support possible when you enroll in the transformative nurse coach program. Getting adequate support can make or break your entire learning experience. This is something you won’t need to worry about with our program. We have everything you need to get the support that you deserve. Once you start with us, you will get direct access to a dedicated instructor. You will also get access to live support calls. All of these things ensure that you won’t be left alone. You can get everything you need to be answered quickly. You will get all of the support you possibly need which can make the transition and the entire process much easier to handle. 

3. Trusted Professionals

Whenever you are making any kind of pivot like this in your career, you will want to ensure that you are doing so with trusted professionals. One of the things we can market to prospective nurse health coaches is that we’ve been in your shoes. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from trusted professionals within the industry that know what they are talking about. You will get information and answers straight from professionals operating in the field. This can help to ensure that you are led on the right path. Everything you are taught will be vetted by these professionals to ensure that you learn everything you need to know to have success as a nurse health coach

New Information

One of the main things you need to worry about when you are trying to identify the right program is whether or not the program is utilizing updated information. The information in this industry is so dynamic. New research is being published daily. Things can change quickly. That’s why you need to go for a program that takes updating modules seriously. You will only get the most up-to-date information that ensures that you can experience success in your new field.


A key thing to look for when you are shopping for a nurse coach program would have to be something engaging. It can be a difficult transition to make. There is a lot to learn. A lot of new content to learn can make things difficult. This is especially true if the subject matter isn’t too fun or exciting. All of the content designed in the Transformative course is delivered in the most engaging way possible. This helps you get through the seemingly mundane information to ensure that you can consume the content and retain the information. The entire program features highly engaging content that will have you wanting to study more and more.

A Good Community

You need to have access to a community of like-minded people when you are doing something as difficult as transitioning to a nurse health coach. We know how important community is because we’ve gone through the same things. That’s why we made such an effort to put together a fantastic and thriving community where prospective nurse health coaches can talk with one another, bounce ideas off one another, and more.

A solid nurse health coaching program is one where you can learn how to make a difference. The Transformative Nurse Coaching program will teach you everything you need to know to become an effective and successful nurse health coach. 

This program has been designed from the ground up to be the single best program for Registered Nurses looking to make a career change into holistic nursing as a nurse health coach. If you want to become a Board Certified nurse health coach, there’s no better program in the marketplace. The Nurse Coach Collective has exactly what you need to make a successful transition as quickly as possible.