3 Questions to Ask When You’re in an Emergency Lockout Situation

We have all faced the tragic situation of locking ourselves outside our own house.  

If you’ve never faced an emergency lockout situation as of yet, then be thankful for being so lucky because lockouts can often take place in the worst of conditions. What if you left the stove on and went to throw out the garbage only to realize while coming back that you accidentally locked yourself outside? What if you were getting late for a meeting and you rushed yourself to it forgetting your car keys back in the ignition? What if it’s something worse like leaving the keys in the ignition with your child in the backseat? Lockout situations can be very tragic, and if they ever happen to you, then, first of all, don’t panic! Stay calm. Now ask yourself these three questions so you can better analyze the situation. 

Have I Contacted a Locksmith Emergency Service Near Me? 

If you’re located in Philadelphia, and you are observing a vehicle lockout or home lockout situation, first identify who’s the best Locksmith in Philadelphia who can come to your aid. Take out your phone and type in locksmith services near me, and you will find plenty of options. Choose the one nearest to you. Now make the call and have a chat with the service representative. Explain to them your emergency, and if there’s something you can do readily to break the lock or unlock it momentarily, they’ll guide you. While doing so, one of their locksmith agents will be on their way to provide you with the immediate emergency service. If you’ve resolved your emergency yourself, they will more likely try fixing the damage done. 

Have I Contacted 911? 

Emergencies can make you overwhelmed. And many times, we don’t have access to the right security specialists to help us with our locksmithing problem. So when that happens, the best thing to do is call up 911 and explain your emergency to them. That’s one of the fastest ways to call a cop unit to your location so they can assist you with your problem. Certain cops are trained for rescue missions. In case you have a child who is accidentally locked inside the home or the vehicle, they will do everything to rescue the child. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your child, it can be your pet too. One way or the other, an emergency unit is more likely to deal with such situations bringing the best solutions. 

Can I Delay the Emergency If It Isn’t Life Threatening? 

Now, if you’re experiencing a home lockout, and there’s not any emergency that you’re currently facing, which can be life-threatening, ask yourself can you delay your lockout situation for later? Sometimes, you end up locking yourself outside your premises or vehicle in the dead of night when there’s nobody around to assist you. And when that happens, the best possible action you can take is to contact a loved one or your neighbor to spend the night over. If it’s your vehicle, you can leave it at the side of the road and go to a nearby friend’s place. Unless, if the ignition is on, then it’s an emergency. So make sure if there’s some kind of a possibility of delaying the situation, because if there is, then do it. 

The next day, you can come with a more stable mind to resolve your problem. 

So there you go. Lock emergencies can often take place unannounced. And more or less, they take place when you least expect them. Are you facing something similar? If you’re located in Philadelphia or surrounding areas, try contacting a professional locksmith near your location to assist you. Why do we suggest you go for a locksmith? Well, that’s because they are the experts in opening, fixing, and maintaining locks. Who could better resolve your emergency in the fastest possible manner than a relatively skilled person in the art? Got locked out? Don’t wait! Call a professional to assist you now.