Tree Care: From Planting to Felling – All you Need to Know

Trees are a wonderful creation of Mother Nature and they provide us with a lot more than just shade, as trees turn carbon dioxide into oxygen, as well as sometimes giving us delicious fruit. Of course, there are many different species of tree, some large and some small, and in this article, we aim to educate you about all aspects of tree care, from planting to removal.

  • Planting Trees – A very young tree is called a sapling, and when selecting trees to plant, one must consider how big the tree will grow and whether it will shed its leaves or not. When planting saplings, you must dig a hole that is considerably larger than the root base of the tree, as the young roots require soft soil that they can grow through. It is wise to add some compost or mulch when planting and water the tree often during the first few months of its life.
  • Tree Pruning – It is important to prune trees in order for them to grow in a balanced way, plus pruning shapes a tree to fit in with the surroundings. If you live in NSW and would prefer to leave your pruning to a professional arborist, contact the experts at, a leading tree care specialist who offers a range of services. Some species of trees should be pruned in the early spring, right after the dormant season, while others are best pruned in the autumn months, prior to the onset of winter. It is important that you do not remove too much foliage when pruning, as this can seriously stunt the growth of the tree, and if you are not sure, there are YouTube videos that show you how to prune correctly.
  • Tree Lopping – To take the top off a tree, which might be to reduce its size or retain its shape, or it might be done to remove deadwood. A row of conifer trees, for example, might be lopped if they are growing too high and interfering with power or communication cables.
  • Tree Removal – This would normally be the last resort for a tree surgeon and felling a tree would be a solution for a dangerous or very old tree, and if in a residential area, the tree would be carefully removed in small sections. Removing mature trees is dangerous work and should only be carried out by a qualified arborist or tree surgeon, and one that is fully insured to carry out such work.
  • Tree Stump Removal – There are special machines with diamond-tipped cutters that can turn a tree stump into sawdust and the cutters can be lowered to about 1 metre under the ground, making sure the roots are destroyed.

Trees do require a certain amount of care and attention if they are to remain healthy and look their best, and this can be carried out by a local arborist, who can easily be located with a Google search.