5 Health Tips Few People Know

If you look online, there are countless articles giving you several health tips. The problem is that they seem to be the same all the time and they are way too general for you to learn something new. Let’s change that a little and mention some health tips that few people actually know.

Overestimating How Many Calories You Burn During A Workout

When you want to maintain a proper, healthy weight, estimating calories can help out a lot. However, most people are very bad at it. In fact, a study from 2016 showed us that people widely under- and over-estimate the number of calories they burn during workouts.

Basically, calorie counting is basically guessing for most people. That is why you need to be more informed and be more accurate when you want to lose weight or even maintain a healthy weight.

90% Of Americans Eat Too Much Sodium

When looking at the average American diet, besides sugar, sodium is also way too present. It is practically hidden in most foods consumed. As a result, we now know that the right quantity of sodium is consumed just by a surprising 10% of Americans.

This practically means you most likely have to cut down a little. How do you do this? For starters, you can start cooking yourself and use whole ingredients. Skip all excessive salt by using more spices and herbs. Such an approach will help much more than you initially think.

People Tend To Eat Much More Meat Than Needed

If we are to look just at Americans, we know that they consume much more meat than they need. In fact, they consume 3 times more than the average around the globe. This does bring in some clear environmental issues but we also have to understand the fact that such a thing is a clear health concern.

Consuming too much meat drastically increases the risks of chronic disease and cancer. This is why nutritionists always recommend consuming organic meat and lean cuts. Also, you should eat just in moderation.

Soda Doubles Diabetes Risk

Soda is not good for us. Most people do know this. What few know though is that consuming soda actually doubles the risk that you will develop type 2 diabetes. Consider this just another reason why you should simply stay away from it.

Diet Sodas Can Lead To Weight Gain

It is a shame to see that diet sodas are promoted as healthy options for those that want to lose weight because you might end up with more problems than when you drink regular soda. Diet soda includes several chemicals that are dangerous for us.

A 2015 study showed that diet soda actually leads to a waist circumference growth. Also, we should highlight that there are studies that hint at the fact that diet soda might cause cancer. This is definitely not something you want to risk.

Final Thoughts

These health tips will get you closer to living a truly healthy life. But there are so many other things that need to be learned. Always look for information so you do not make mistakes that you could easily avoid.