Why You Should Fight Criminal Charges To Save Your Career/Reputation

Plenty of people are arrested under false pretenses around the world. This could involve a false accusation or even someone misidentifying someone as the culprit in a crime. Less serious charges still need to be taken seriously as minor charges can still result in jail time. You do not want to plead guilty without legal representation as you will be at the mercy of the judge. Your career can suffer immensely after an arrest if you are convicted. Most people will inform their employers and could be terminated due to company policy. Failure to tell your job can lead to termination as employers do not like employees lying to them. The following are tips to fight criminal charges to save your career/reputation. 

Some Charges Will Ruin a Career or Life

There are some charges that will follow you around for your entire life if you are convicted. Sex crimes are the perfect example as false accusations are quite common. You are going to have to register for years or your entire life depending on what you were convicted or took a plea deal to. The most dangerous part of this is if you have to be incarcerated for a period of time. You want to stay out of jail or prison to the best of your ability. There is a stigma in prison about those that have committed sex crimes which makes them a target for extreme violence. 

A person that drives a truck for a living getting a DUI in their person vehicle can ruin a career. An officer can charge a person with DUI if they suspect they are under the influence of something. Most officers cannot test for drugs at a scene but can test for alcohol. Blood tests can be taken by force in some states, especially if involved in an accident where someone was hurt. Getting an attorney can fight these charges and potentially save your career. 

Lawyers Understand The Process and What is at Stake 

The one aspect that too many people make a mistake on is thinking that just because they are innocent, they shouldn’t hire a lawyer. A lawyer understands the process and can allow you to know what the next steps are. A number of lawyers in drug cases might propose a diversion program that will lead to the charges being dropped. Prosecutors are not likely to work well with a person defending themselves as their job is to get a conviction. 

Children Can Look Up Convictions

If you have children, you want to make sure you are the best example for them possible. As mentioned above, your children will likely have access to your mugshot and even court records. Teenagers are more likely to do this type of research than smaller children. Even the friends of your children might look you up so ensure the conviction is dropped in one way or another. 

You need to fight any and all criminal charges when possible. Hiring an attorney is imperative as people with private attorneys truly face a different justice system than those using a public defender.