2021 Resolutions That Will Improve Your Overall Health

2021 will likely be better than 2020 which some have established was the worst year in current memory. You can make resolutions that will improve your health that you can actually stick to this year. The beauty of working remotely is that you have extra time in the day to focus on your health. You might just have a few bad habits that you need to change or could need a complete lifestyle overhaul. Regardless of the situation that you are in, you are going to need to put together a plan to reach your health goals. A written plan can help you hold yourself accountable even on days where you don’t want to exercise or eat healthy. The following are resolutions that you can make this year to improve your overall health. 

Add a Minute or Two to Your Brushing Routine 

The best part about dental hygiene is you can solve most issues by spending more time brushing. Brushing is not the only way to protect your teeth as mouthwash and floss can also be used. Mouthwash is so easy that there is no excuse to not use this as they have a number of options if you feel like traditional mouthwash is too strong tasting. Flossing is something that the average person could do more but it can be uncomfortable. This will help reach those spots to remove food that your brush couldn’t have. Ask a Fuquay family dentist or one in your area for additional oral hygiene tips.

Visit a Nutritionist

Seeing a nutritionist can allow you to be put on a healthy eating plan. Far too many people eat too little during the infancy of their diets. Dropping too much weight quickly can be unhealthy and lead to other issues. You want to lose a little bit of weight weekly rather than losing a large amount in a matter of a week or two. Crash diets can produce results but these are not long-lasting results. You can prep your meals in advance to make sure you don’t opt for takeout or delivery. These options are rarely healthy and even if they are, the portion sizes are immense. There are options online to have healthy food delivered in a meal package. Trying one of these to start out your diet can be wise if you are unsure how to cook in a healthy manner. 

Exercise For at Least an Hour Per Day 

Exercise is going to be important regardless of what form of exercise that you get. You could take a long walk or do something a bit more intense. The consistency of your exercise is the important part as exercising for an hour a day isn’t a huge undertaking. People that have fitness equipment at home can sit on the stationary bike for an hour while clearing emails or watching a big sporting event. Do not allow the excuse that gyms are closed in some areas to keep you out of shape.

Set resolutions in areas where you know that you need to improve. You would be surprised as to the results that living a healthier lifestyle generates.