Jobs in The Legal Industry That You Should Consider

The legal industry is going to continue to be one that has a steady flow of well-paying jobs. The traditional job that a number of people think about is that of an attorney. There are so many other possibilities when it comes to careers in the legal sector that you might not have considered. Not all jobs require a college degree but there are those that will. Attorneys need to pass the state bar exam while certifications for the digital marketing team might be required to work at the firm. The following are jobs in the legal industry that you should consider.

One of Many Digital Marketing Positions 

Digital marketing positions can include the copywriters that handle website and offsite content creation. These writers will likely have a background in SEO as they need to write to readers and for the search engines simultaneously. Web designers will likely work on staff in order to keep the website looking and running smoothly. Marketers that want to have a stable income for years to come should look into working at a law firm. Results are all firms want so being able to generate those results will give you a massive amount of job security. 

Legal Secretary

There is a huge difference between paralegals and legal secretaries although some tasks might overlap. These professionals will not be handling case management or research. They are mostly an administrator that helps direct calls, schedule meetings, and anything else that the firm needs done. These secretaries are paid well as you have to present yourself in a way that reflects positively on the firm. 

A versatile secretary with technical skills can be immensely helpful. Managed IT for lawyers can be a profitable venture as all firms want their website to be up and running. These services are extremely affordable when compared to creating an entire in-house IT department.


Legal costs can be huge especially when parties are fighting it out in court. Mediators can help save individuals and larger corporations money. Settling disputes outside of the courtroom is becoming far more popular. The demand for skilled mediators will be increasing over the next few years. Certain states have a mediation process for civil cases to see if they can be settled outside of court. 

Court Reporter 

Taking depositions and working with a firm as a stenographer or court reporter is an important role. Court reporters take statements and record trial/testimony. There is special equipment that allows the reporter to transcribe at around 200 words per minute. There is a shortage of court reporters so this could be an amazing career to explore. The beauty of this is that the shortage is driving up salaries due to a lack of court reporters. Some of these reporters can earn 6 figures or over; 

The legal industry can be one that you work in for the entirety of your career. Working in a number of areas of law can be very rewarding and challenging at the same time.