8 Reasons Why a Car’s Exterior Parts Should be Carbon Fiber

8 Reasons Why a Car's Exterior Parts Should be Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is a composite material that many exterior parts for vehicles are made of. Having exterior parts made of carbon fiber is extremely important and beneficial to the vehicle’s performance and durability. When choosing exterior parts for your vehicle, it’s essential to choose parts that are made of carbon fiber because of how advantageous they are to your vehicle.

1. High Quality

According to a BMW webpage, carbon is mostly manufactured by hand. Steps involved include curing and lacquering, a process that protects carbon and keeps its structure visible. Although carbon fiber is now mass produced and less expensive than before, the quality is still the same.

2. Make Your Car Stand Out

Many think exterior parts made of carbon fiber look nicer than other materials; it makes your vehicle look distinct, stylish and luxurious. It can give a classic car a more updated look, or it can maintain a luxury car’s value.

3. Versatility

Carbon fiber can be used to make parts in practically any shape. You can purchase part-carbon or full-carbon parts. Car parts can be connected to form bodywork elements if needed.

4. Strength

Carbon fiber possesses the highest stiffness and strength per density compared to other materials; cars will stay strong under high pressure, deliver better performance than cars made with steel, and withstand high-energy forces while being driven.

5. Lightweight Material

A big race car engine might deliver speed on straight lines but weigh the car down; carbon fiber will allow it to turn quickly when needed. Carbon fiber has less density than aluminum and is a lot lighter than steel.

6. Durability

Carbon fiber possesses low thermal expansion; since race cars produce lots of heat, the material keeps vehicles at normal temperatures and ensures parts won’t weaken or expand. Because of its durability, you won’t have to change parts after every race.

7. Rigidity

Carbon fiber is very rigid. The biggest online auto information resource, The Auto Channel explains on its website that in the past, car frames weren’t as rigid, resulting in stiff suspensions that made vehicles less comfortable and harder to handle.

If an automobile’s frame flexes a lot, it would make cornering difficult, and you would need to correct the steering often; this is a potential safety issue. Constant flex results in noise and can break car parts. 

8. Better Than Paint

A paint job can be botched, and if you don’t like the results, you might end up getting it completely redone. Carbon fiber wraps offer a protective shield around an automobile. The textured film can be installed on the surface and covers every inch, which means even tint and no missed spots. They can be easily peeled off without changing the paint underneath. Many options are available, including custom colors and matte wraps.

Cleanup is easy; use car wash soap followed by a wipe down with a microfiber towel. Wraps generally last a long time; regular maintenance and the environment can affect their longevity.