Entrepreneur’s life mission to ‘dispel myth’ investing isn’t just for rich

A multi-million entrepreneur has made it his life mission to “dispel the myth” that investing is reserved just for the wealthy and privileged.

Reuben James is an accredited investor with a decade of experience trading forex and stocks.

The 31-year old’s drive, experience and talent saw him become a millionaire before the age of 30 as his multi-million dollar eCommerce consulting company gained a Five Star Trust Pilot rating.

In addition to his drive to succeed on a personal level, Mr James also has an innate desire to pass on his skills to others after working as a school teacher.

He is now combining the skills he learned in the classroom with his experience in the financial sector to show people what they can achieve if they work hard and believe in themselves.

To enable him to reach as many people as possible, he decided to start Lunar Capital – a one-stop-shop for teaching people all things investing with their Earn and Learn model.

Lunar covers all bases – teaching students stocks, forex, cryptocurrency, NFTs and yield farming.

The investor’s hub offers everything in one place so clients can learn the most popular investing avenues while earning simultaneously with the auto-trade copier that is run by multiple nine-figure traders.

Over the past three years, the auto-trade copier has had an average monthly return of 13%.

Mr James said: “Lunar Capital combines my two great passions in life – teaching and finance.

“I have always been equally fascinated by both and believe it’s heartbreaking that many people don’t know how to properly invest for their future.

“I believe many think it is not for them or that only wealthy people invest.

“The reality couldn’t be further from the truth and I have made it my life mission to dispel the myth.

“All the information is out there but so much of it is spread all over the place.

“I wanted to create a one-stop-shop where people can go to learn about everything related to investing properly.

“I want to give them the confidence to invest and help them achieve the financial freedom that will radically improve their and their family’s quality of life.”

Lunar Capital offers a truly authentic experience because it doesn’t use trading bots, he revealed.

This is because they are missing real human emotion and market sentiment so they often misjudge trends, he warned.

“I believe in our Earn while you Learn model. Use the auto-trade copier run by real traders to earn as you learn more about investing.

“This allows you to take your time during the learning process because you already have a dependable income stream,” he explained.

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