How the UFC Used QR Codes for Their Events Promotions

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is one of the largest mixed martial arts organizations in the world, and if you need more proof that QR codes work well for massive events, then look no further than their best uses in and out of the arena.

In 2019, UFC utilized QR codes for their international fight week. While it has been years since the event, other organizations can learn a thing or two about how the organization used a free QR code generator with logo online.

How were they able to pull it off in the first place? What marketing methods did they use and how can other companies emulate them?

How the UFC utilized QR codes for their events

For UFC’s international fight week in 2019, they launched a new app that visitors can use for the entirety of the event. Along with the new mobile app, they also utilized the use of QR codes for a variety of reasons: organization and efficiency.

QR code for a fan access pass

Once users have downloaded the UFC Fight Week App, they’re eligible for a two-day Fan Experience through a QR code. This allows you access to autograph sessions, other fan experience events, and a chance to win exclusive prizes.

This makes the consumer experience a lot more organized because people can only enter the venue if they scanned the app QR code.

This prevents situations such as people cutting in line, lying about being qualified for the event, and other possible scenarios that can cause delays and chaos.

QR codes for official merchandise

UFC has also placed several Fan Access Pass scan stations, where visitors can scan their QR codes for the duration of the event. Whenever they scan the QR code, they earn a badge. The more badges they have, the more chances of winning more prizes by the end of the event.

By doing this, UFC increases the interaction among their products and customers. 

Hosting an interactive event is always effective because it makes people feel more engaged with the brand. In UFC’s case, it’s more efficient to execute the promotions of their merchandise by integrating QR codes.

What other brands can learn from UFC

The concept of QR codes isn’t new, but UFC has found a way to modernize their events and promotions of official merchandise using them. If there’s one lesson that brands can take note of, it’s how to integrate QR codes to make their own events more organized and efficient.

Of course, what works for the UFC may not work for you—there’s no one-size-fits-all marketing campaign, after all.

Check out other ways of incorporating QR codes into your own events, product launches, and merchandise promotions.

  • Measure and/or monitor attendance
  • Share teasers and highlights of the events
  • Access to private and exclusive events
  • Gather feedback from the audience
  • Give out exclusive discount codes

If you plan on using QR codes for your brand’s next big event or product launch, make sure to find the best QR code generator online. It offers plenty of customization features and can convert almost any file type into a usable QR code.