Skylar Lewis on Redefining Masculinity: A New Perspective Against Conventional Norms

In a recent interview, Skylar Lewis, a prominent figure known for his innovative approaches to leadership and personal development, shared his thoughts on redefining masculinity in today’s society. His insights offer a fresh perspective against the backdrop of conventional norms that have long defined what it means to be a man.

Lewis opened up about his beliefs regarding the role of men in society. He emphasized that the primary role of a man is to “protect the vulnerable,” which includes both physical and emotional protection. This view challenges the traditional notion of masculinity that often equates manhood with dominance and power over others, especially women.

Contrary to the views propagated by figures like Andrew Tate, who Lewis mentions as focusing on male superiority, Lewis advocates for a balance and mutual respect between genders. He argues that men and women are fundamentally different. Men, in his view, are designed for a leadership role, but this doesn’t imply superiority over women. Instead, it’s about guiding and caring in a thoughtful manner.

“Strong men aren’t the problem. Weak men are…” Lewis also touches upon the failures of men in leadership roles, leading to a scenario where women have felt compelled to step up due to a lack of trust in male leadership. His goal is to help men become better leaders, thereby restoring trust and establishing effective leadership that benefits everyone.

The concept of masculinity Lewis proposes is deeply rooted in faith and a sense of responsibility. He believes that straying from the principles of Christ-like leadership, which he describes as embodying love, care, and protection, leads men to be less effective leaders. By aligning with these values, men can play a more positive and impactful role in society.

Lewis’s personal journey also reflects his beliefs. He candidly shared his past failures, including moments of immature leadership and personal mistakes, and how these experiences shaped his understanding of what true leadership and masculinity entail. This journey led him to start Rise Up Kings, a platform dedicated to training and developing men to lead effectively in all aspects of life.

In conclusion, Skylar Lewis’s perspective on masculinity offers a paradigm shift from traditional views. His emphasis on protection, empathy, and faith-based leadership paves the way for a more inclusive and balanced understanding of what it means to be a man in the modern world. His approach not only challenges outdated norms but also opens the door for constructive conversations about gender roles and leadership in our society.