Benefits of Using Specialized Recruiting Firms

When it comes to hiring for specific industries, making the right hire the first time around is vital. Read on to learn more about specialized recruitment firms, and some excellent options that you can research and partner with today! 

First, what does a recruitment firm do? 

Forget having to spend hours on the phone or writing letters to potential employees. The primary reason to work with a specialized recruitment firm is simple – they save time and energy. 

A recruiter will typically start with an initial phone call or email to determine interest in their company. If they like what they hear, they’ll send a job description and follow up with another phone call or email to check if there is still interest in pursuing the position. Then the interview is scheduled, either face-to-face, or more often these days, virtually, where they’ll ask questions about skills, experience, education, and references.

Here’s some additional bonuses: firms can conduct background checks on potential candidates, so you can discard unsuitable applicants before they even interview. Plus, recruiters may also be able to provide advice on how to improve your company image or attract new clients!

What are some other advantages to working with a specialized recruitment firm? 

Faster hiring. The simple truth is that recruitment agencies can find candidates a lot faster than you can, using their databases, connections, and market knowledge. In fact, it’s often the case that the firm can secure potential employees in half the time!

Higher quality candidates. When it comes to specific industries, there’s no getting around the requirement for things like licenses and on-the-job experience. Recruitment firms are experts at screening, interviewing, and determining the suitability of applicants for roles that require that extra guarantee.  

Knowledge of the market. Specialized recruitment firms are experts in the sectors that they work in, with built-in knowledge about salary rates, hiring complexities, and career development expectations – plus some factors you might not have even thought about!

How do I find the right recruitment firm for my needs? 

Here are a few examples of industry-specific recruitment firms at the ready to assist: 

Executives. Recruiterie leverages its expansive candidate network with a comprehensive vetting process to ensure each candidate is ready to succeed. Their human resource executive search firm adopts a rigorous search process to meet each client’s needs and expectations, as well as evaluating various aspects of the company, including goals, mission, company culture, and more. 

Healthcare. On Time Talent Solutions uses 20+ years of healthcare staffing experience to secure the best candidates for clinical and non-clinical roles. With an emphasis on assisted living communities and primary care practices, On Time offers multiple locations across the United States to assists with talent acquisition.

Kitchen and Wait Staff. Speed is of the essence when it comes to covering restaurant shifts. Qwick’s on-demand staffing service connects with qualified food and beverage freelancers in real-time. Businesses upload their open shift and specify when and where to report. Pre-vetted candidates can view and accept the shift immediately! 

Semiconductor Industry. TruPath is focused on filling executive leadership positions within the semiconductor industry. With over 15,000 direct hires since inception, they’re the ideal partner for finding culturally aligned talent that boosts companies to the next level.

Construction and Industrial:  Tradesmen International provides construction contractors and industrial companies with North America’s best, safety-minded skilled craftsmen. With more than 175 construction-specific recruiters based out of their National Recruiting Center and network of nearly 200 local market service teams, Tradesmen knows how to find craftsmen who are reliable, verifiably skilled and safety-minded. 
Partnering with specialist recruiters is not only beneficial to hiring managers, but to companies as a whole. If you’ve got open positions to fill, consider a recruitment firm to speed up the process and find the qualified candidates your company needs!