8 Skincare Tips Every Man Needs to Know

8 Skincare Tips Every Man Needs to Know

Skincare probably isn’t one of your top priorities if you’re like most men. But it should be! A good skincare routine can help you look more youthful and attractive, and it’s essential for your health too. Here are eight tips that every man should know about skincare.

1- Cleanse Your Skin Daily

Washing your face with soap and water is a great way to keep your skin clean. If you wear sunscreen, be sure to wash it off thoroughly before going to bed. Also, try not to smoke and stay away from other people’s smoke as much as possible – these things can lead to blackheads and premature aging.

2- Take Care of Your Dry Skin

Dry skin is more than just uncomfortable – it can also lead to conditions like eczema. To avoid dry skin, drink plenty of water and use a moisturizing lotion daily. You may need to experiment with different types of creams before you find one that works best for your skin.

3- Apply an SPF Sunscreen Daily

Sun exposure is the number one cause of wrinkles, age spots, and cancer. Protect your skin by applying an SPF 15 or higher sunscreen every day that you plan to be outside. Please put it on before leaving the house, so it has time to soak in and protect your skin. Be sure to reapply throughout the day if you’re taking a long hike or spending the day at the beach. If you’ve already had any skin problems caused by the sun, you should see a dermatologist for help in choosing a sunscreen.

4- Use a Moisturizer with SPF 15 at Night

Just as sunscreen protects your face from the sun’s harmful rays, a moisturizer with SPF will protect it from the sun’s aging effect. Use a moisturizing lotion with an SPF of 15 or higher before going to sleep so you’ll wake up looking younger and more vibrant. If you have sensitive skin, you might want to use a gentler product instead.

5- Exfoliate Once a Week

As you age, the amount of oil in your skin increases. This causes dead skin cells to accumulate and look dull. Exfoliating once a week can remove these dead cells, revealing brighter, healthier ones underneath. Exfoliating also stimulates your skin and promotes collagen production. Try using a facial scrub, loofah, or even just plain old baking soda to accomplish this.

6- Drink Plenty of Water

Your body – including your skin – needs water to stay healthy. If you don’t drink enough water, your skin will look dry and wrinkled. Aim for eight glasses of water a day – more if you’re exercising a lot, or it’s hot outside. Drinking water helps your body flush out toxins, which can prevent acne.

7- Avoid Smoking and Drinking Too Much

Smoking and drinking heavily have been linked to premature signs of aging, such as wrinkles and discoloration. To look your best, avoid smoking and limit the amount of alcohol you drink each week.

8- Shave Carefully and Avoid Razor Burn

Razor bumps are caused by ingrown hairs, which are extremely common among shaving men. Take care to shave in the direction of your hair growth rather than against it, and use an aftershave lotion that contains benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.

These eight skincare tips will keep your skin looking young and healthy. By following them, you’ll look more attractive and feel better about yourself too.