8 Kid-Friendly Ideas for Planning a Valentine’s Day Party

8 Kid-Friendly Ideas for Planning a Valentine's Day Party

When you think about Valentine’s Day, you might think of roses, candy, and going out on a date with someone special. However, this is also a holiday when children can learn how to show that they love their friends. A fun Valentine’s Day party that features decorations, food, and surprises doesn’t take a lot of work and can let children know that they are loved.

1- Games

There are a few games that you can play with children that have a Valentine’s theme. One is Musical Hearts. This is similar to musical chairs, but you would decorate the chairs with hearts of all sizes and colors. You could also play music with a Valentine’s theme. Stacking Hearts is a game to play with the small conversation candy hearts. Divide children into teams so that they can stack as many hearts as possible within a certain amount of time.

2- Valentine Station

Set up a Valentine station with decorations that you can get from companies online, such as foil hearts in pink and red, tissue paper, and construction paper. Children can visit the station during the party to make a card for their parents or for someone else who is special to them. Put a cover on the table to keep glitter and other items from getting on the floor and to keep the surface protected.

3- Crafts

Create an area where children can make crafts for Valentine’s Day. You could make a penguin with a black plastic cup or a love bug made from a toilet paper roll. To keep too many children from making crafts at one time at the party and possibly making a mess, you could separate them into two or three groups to make a few different crafts.

4- Gift Bags and Cards

A fun way that children can show that they love each other is by giving small cards that parents purchase or that they make on their own. Each child can decorate a box or a bag to put on their desk or on a table so that everyone can walk by and deliver their cards and other treats. You could make small treat bags with candy to put in them as well.

5- Valentine’s Tree

Let children know how much you love them by making a Valentine’s tree and putting it near the door. Write each child’s name on a heart with something that you love about them. When they come into the room, they can find their name on the tree.

6- Hot Chocolate

No party is complete without something fun to drink. Instead of traditional hot chocolate, you can use strawberry milk to tie into the Valentine’s theme. You could also find pink and white marshmallows to put in the cups.

7- Fruit Cups

Keep the party healthy by making Love Bug Fruit Cups. Decorate a fruit cup that you get at the store with pipe cleaners for antenna, googly eyes, and other items to make each one different while still making them look like a cute bug.

8- Sweet Treats

Children can decorate a sugar cookie that’s in the shape of a heart to take home or to eat at the party. You can provide sprinkles and other candies while helping children put icing on the cookies.