Ways to Make Your Factory Environmentally Friendly with Hydrogen Green Energy in the Post Pandemic World

Despite the slowdown of travel, logistics, and industries during the pandemic, temperatures have been rising. The global average mean surface temperature between 2017 and 2021 is one of the hottest. It is estimated to be at 1.06°C to 1.26°C above the industrial levels. This is most likely to cause unexpected climatic changes like intense rain, strong heat waves and prolonged droughts. So, it is common knowledge that we need to tackle global warming. One of the best ways to reduce the chances of further damage is to go green for your business.

Studies found that 54% of American brands have specific ‘green programs’ in place. Further, the global green technology and sustainability market size was estimated at $8.79 billion in 2019 and is expected to touch $48.36 billion by 2027. So, it is a good idea to rely on hydrogen green energy from production, storage, and dispensing companies like GenH2, to cut down on environmental hazards, according to experts at. Here are other tips to become sustainable.

Eco-Friendly Partnership

You are likely to source raw materials from elsewhere. So, try to work with green hydrogen companies that are equally climate-conscious. It can ensure a green manufacturing process without damaging the environment. You can take your marketing initiative one step ahead by adding the ‘energy-efficient’ tag. The Pulse Survey conducted between October 2020 and March 2021 showed that consumers became more digital and eco-friendlier within this period. This indicates that having a green process is both good for the climate and your profit.

Clean Energy

Green hydrogen solutions can be used for power generation. It is the simplest way to reach a 100% renewable energy future. Shipping and transportation sectors can use it as fuel. The manufacturing factories like chemicals and steel can use it as raw materials. Steel power plants can also adopt green hydrogen and replace coal to lower emissions.

Hydrogen production companies split water into hydrogen and oxygen to obtain the gas. The sole by-product is plain water. So, you can incorporate it in your factory to help the nation achieve its climate goals in 2022 and beyond.

Green Packaging  

Green packaging is biodegradable, contains no harmful plastics, can reduce carbon footprint and is quite versatile and flexible. So, try to pay extra attention to packaging to ensure an environmentally sensitive solution. You are less likely to pollute the soil and water and contribute to global warming. Simple actions and choices every day can make a major difference to the manufacturing unit.

Minimal Landfill Waste

Start working with companies that offer clean and safe gas. There are no by-products except water. You can consider experts that can ensure high-end liquid hydrogen storage on-site. This way you are indirectly ensuring your factory has as little impact on the environment as possible. Further, try to recycle materials to minimize the amount of waste that goes to the landfill. You can reuse cardboard, compost food waste and re-melt glass to minimize the negative effect on the surroundings.

Putting these tips into action can reduce the carbon footprint. Try to use eco-friendly lights, conserve water and update your equipment. Partner with green hydrogen companies to further become environment conscious.