5 Common Myths About Holistic Doctors Broken Down

5 Common Myths About Holistic Doctors Broken Down

It’s an essential and often misunderstood profession, that of holistic doctors. With over 2 million healthcare practitioners in the United States alone, it’s not easy to find one you feel comfortable working with. However, myths about this professional are constantly created and shared among people who have no idea what they’re talking about. We decided to set the record straight on what some of these popular myths are all about.

1. All Holistic Doctors are the Same

This is something people seem to think is true, yet it couldn’t be more wrong. There are many different types of practitioners in this field, ranging from chiropractors to massage therapists to naturopaths and more. Their practices vary in nature, substance, and even location. So, don’t simply assume that any doctor with those letters after their name is the same. You should always ask about what type of health conditions they specialize in treating, how they do so, and whether or not they have any certifications or training in the area.

2. Holistic Doctors are All Deeply Spiritual

Again, this is another incorrect idea. Some practitioners are very focused on spirituality, while others aren’t all that religious. So, it’s completely possible to work with a doctor who doesn’t believe in a higher power. Even though many holistic doctors do use alternative methods in their practice, they still want to ensure you receive the best healthcare possible. Also, from our experience, we have found only a few practitioners who are truly deeply spiritual, so don’t make this assumption about all holistic doctors.

3. Holistic Doctors are More Expensive

This one is difficult to prove, but it is true that it can be more expensive to work with a holistic doctor. However, you should also consider the fact that when you’re considering the longer-term approach to dealing with chronic health conditions, it’s not a bad thing to invest in your overall health. This can include things such as diet, supplements, and more holistic methods of healthcare. The truth of the matter is we just don’t know how much time or money it will actually save you down the road.

4. Holistic Doctors Don’t Work with Big Pharma

When it comes to drug companies, many people have a very negative opinion about them. However, it’s important to remember that not every drug company is bad. In fact, some are in the business of making drugs to help people with chronic health issues. Of course, you can’t just take any medication you want without researching thoroughly first, but this shouldn’t negatively impact your relationship with a holistic doctor.

5. Holistic Doctors Provide Only Alternative Treatments

This is probably one of the most common misconceptions out there when it comes to holistic doctors. The truth is many of them use both alternative and conventional methods of treatment. It all depends on what the patient prefers and what works best for them. So, don’t assume that because a doctor uses alternative treatments, it means you won’t be receiving any information about prescription drugs you might need.

Holistic doctors are actually not that difficult to find. You can search online and quickly find many who have clinics in your area. Also, you should never be afraid to ask questions when it comes to finding one you trust. Remember, getting the best possible treatment might mean spending some extra time and money initially, but if it’s a serious health condition, it could save you time and money down the line.