How to Use Halloween Bunting to Decorate a House for Fall


Bunting consists of multiple flags, geometric shapes, festive designs, or pictures, which are usually used to spell out a name or phrase. Bunting types are more versatile than traditional banners, cost less money, and are predesigned for special occasions like Halloween. That’s why Halloween bunting makes an excellent choice for fall decorative strategies. You can find bunting of all types to give décor ideas for the fall season.

Benefits of Bunting for Décor

Bunting adds color, a festive atmosphere, and reusability because of sturdy construction. You can decorate indoor and outdoor spaces with bunting in different fabrics to hang on your walls, across open spaces, or on porches and outbuildings. Be sure to choose waterproof fabrics for outdoor decorating, and make sure the bunting is well-anchored when it’s windy.

Black and orange rank as the most popular colors for fall celebrations, but cornucopias, harvest produce, and autumn leaves can add a pop of color to match your decorating preferences. You can even make your own bunting by printing your favorite designs or collecting colorful leaves and preserving them between sheets of waxed paper.

However, the major benefits of Halloween bunting are simplicity, availability, and versatility. You can find Halloween and fall bunting in loads of colors and styles. Halloween bunting is perfect for fall celebrations like birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries, and you can easily find bunting that matches your existing décor or preferred decorating strategy. Your creativity alone limits your fall decorating. You can attach bunting squares to Halloween treats, frame your doors with spooktacular images, or string garlands across your windows.

Tips for Decorating with Halloween Bunting

You can use Halloween bunting throughout the fall season until Thanksgiving. Choose from harvest displays, classic cornucopias, pumpkin lineups, or decorative Jack O’Lanterns. Bunting is ideal for holiday and party tables to transform your home into a spooky cemetery or haunted house. You can always enhance the bunting with live materials like gummy worms, skulls, mini pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn, and alternative creepy crawlies for the full ghoulish effect.

You can always decorate your trees with traditional cobwebs and spiders, but bunting makes a great alternative for seasonal colors, harvest celebrations, and themed Halloweens. You can dazzle youthful trick-or-treaters or impress your neighbors with pleated fans in a variety of colors and fabrics. You can deliver the Halloween spirit with over-the-top decorations, but experts recommend holding off on these until a few days before Halloween. You can use bunting for fences, windowsills, seatbacks, arbors, rooftops, and benches.

Bows make an excellent choice for autumn bunting for decorating mailboxes, lampposts, utility poles, and landscaping features. You can use bunting, garlands, wreaths, and gift baskets to enhance your design. You can customize your bunting at most companies to meet your specific needs and tastes.

Most design experts recommend limiting your decor’s color palette to a few basic colors for the most powerful effect. Gray shades are perfectly appropriate when trying to suggest a gray cemetery. Metallic colors also work well with autumnal designs – such as silver, copper, and gold.