4 Reasons Retaining Walls Should Be Fixed Immediately

4 Reasons Retaining Walls Should Be Fixed Immediately

A retaining wall is a strong, silent, multi-tasker. While it will never demand your attention the way a squeaky wheel or a dripping faucet does, it’s never wise to ignore an issue with one of these structures. Waiting can cause real trouble. In fact, there are several reasons why you should always make an effort to fix your retaining walls immediately.

1- Endangering Your Home

Some walls are purely decorative. Retaining walls can certainly be attractive features, but they do more than simply look good. Retaining walls are designed to hold back the earth, and they prevent erosion and protect the surrounding landscape from damage.

Retaining walls that are bulging, cracked, or leaning may be at risk of failure. If they fail, the soil that they’re holding back could break through. Soil can be surprisingly heavy, especially if it’s saturated, so a cascade of soil that collapses a retaining wall often endangers the foundations of your home. In some cases, basements and flooring are damaged. Gardens and outdoor living spaces can also be in harm’s way.

2- Creating a Hazard to People and Pets

AsBob Vila notes, retaining walls must work harder than standard walls. In addition to supporting their own weight, they must be able to resist the forces of the soil pushing sideways against them. Any failure could be the result of inadequate design, clogged drainage, material failures, tree roots, wear and tear, or environmental changes.

A retaining wall that isn’t up to the task creates a clear hazard to anyone in the vicinity. Because they provide a level surface and a natural landmark, these features can often seem like attractive places to sit, climb, or walk beside. Being near one that might collapse or is unstable because it has already begun to do so can lead to injury.

3- Adding to Repair Costs

With any repair project, the cost of the fix will likely grow as the size of the problem does. In other words, seeking a repair for your retaining wall immediately is a good strategy for keeping the price tag of your repairs down.

Why does timing matter? Blocks that aren’t damaged may be able to be reused. Plus, if you deal with the wall before any collapse occurs, you won’t have to pay for the repairs to your property that the collapse might have caused.

4- Detracting From Your Property’s Appearance

Although tumble-down walls on misty moors might look romantic, they don’t do much for property values in modern neighborhoods. While retaining walls aren’t just there for appearance’s sake, their appearance does matter. A wall that is clearly in poor repair reflects badly on the rest of your property.

There are so many amazing ways to create fantastic retaining walls. Transform your wall into a vibrant green wall, use distinctive patterns, or build with richly hued stones. Establishing multiple levels in your outdoor living space by installing several retaining walls is another option.

Retaining walls are hardworking features that deserve respect and support. If you notice that yours requires repairs, don’t wait. After all, a quick response can safeguard your home, your family, and your wallet.