What You Should Know When Divorce is the Only Option

The unfortunate truth is that a large percentage of people that get married will end up getting divorced. Most of these divorces happen within the first couple of years while others can take decades. The fact that people do change over the years is often cited as a reason for a divorce. Working on a marriage is going to be the first step but both parties have to be fully invested in this to work. No great marriages end in divorce and most of the time, both parties shoulder part of the blame. The following are things that you should know when divorce is the only option. 

Opening a PO Box is Imperative 

The opening of a PO box can allow you to correspond via mail with your divorce attorney. There are a number of divorces that are amicable but others are quite contentious. You never know which type of person your soon to be ex will be so investing in legal representation is essential. You could cite alienation of affection for the divorce or irreconcilable differences. The PO box will eliminate the chance of a piece of mail being opened by your partner leading to a potentially catastrophic interaction.

Finances Can Be Used to Exert Power 

Getting involved with an attorney early and getting them bank statements is important. You do not want your ex moving money around that is rightfully yours into various accounts. A judge will see the movement of this money as a way to gain power if there is proof that it has been done. Saving up a nest egg in case of your accounts being drained is important. Taking a portion of each paycheck you receive is important during this time. This is the reason that it takes a number of people months to file for divorce as they are waiting to be financially stable. 

Children can also be used to exert power but this should not be done. Children should not be used as pawns in a divorce as this is already a tough time for them. Figuring out the best custody arrangement for the children can be worked out by attorneys or through mediation. 

The Process Could be Lengthy 

There are going to be those people that want to drag out a divorce for as long as possible. This could be to try to reconcile with their partner that has already made a decision or simply to be difficult. A person being served divorce papers can avoid this like the plague if they are aware that it is happening. Understand that any issues created as trying to stress you out so take time to put everything into perspective. Once this divorce is finalized, you do not have to have contact with this person again unless children are involved. 

Divorce is the only option in a number of marriages when all other avenues have been exhausted. Divorce will be stressful but will allow you to start a new and happy life.