3 Fun Ideas for a Work Party

3 Fun Ideas for a Work Party

Are you in charge of planning this year’s Christmas party? Or perhaps your work likes to do a mid winter party to keep things interesting. Whatever the motivation for the work party, there are a few things you can do to ensure it will be a great success. You want to make sure that your colleagues are unwinding a bit, creating some special memories together and strengthening their work bonds. Here are my top 3 fun ideas for a work party.

1. Do Something Outside the Box
One of the best ways to bond with your coworkers is to do something exciting and outside of your normal routine. For example, you could do a horse riding activity, an adventure course, or even try axe throwing. Axe throwing is something that you’ll be much better off doing in a supervised activity, click here to learn more about how you can do that. If it’s something you’ve never done before, or something high adrenaline, then chances are you’re going to bring you and your coworkers together like never before.

2. Consider a Chartered Flight
Staff parties can quickly get expensive fast, so why not spend that money on something truly memorable. You could charter a flight somewhere, have some drinks on board the flight and enjoy the destination before circling back. This may seem like a very expensive choice, but when you divide it amongst your coworkers it can actually end up very affordable and extremely memorable. There are plenty of group charter options to suit any budget, so definitely check it out for your next work party idea.

3. Visit a Vineyard
Who doesn’t like wine? Visiting a vineyard can be a really fun activity to do as a work party. Not only will there be great wine, but you can usually enjoy a nice meal at most vineyards. While visiting the vineyard you can learn about the wine making process, anything special about that specific vineyard, do a tour and sometimes even make some wine! You can give your employees a bottle of wine to take home with them, and I’m sure it will be an extremely memorable staff party location. Depending on the area, you can even visit a few vineyards, enjoying tasting menus at each of them. Check out this link to learn more about vineyard options.

Planning a staff party doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Use these three tips to plan an interesting and exciting staff party your colleagues will remember for years to come.