7 Important Tips for Preparing Your Vehicle to be Transported

7 Important Tips for Preparing Your Vehicle to be Transported

You’re moving across the nation but don’t want to drive? Car shipping has you covered. Your automobile may journey across the heartland in elegance, from majestic mountains to golden seas of corn, without you having to accompany it.

Use this article to properly prepare your car for safe, secure transportation once you’ve gotten a few auto transport quotes and chosen a reputable auto shipping company.

1- Wash Your Vehicle

Although washing your vehicle before transportation may seem contradictory, starting with a spotless automobile helps you to notice any existing dust, dents, or scratches, which can help you detect any additional damage that happens during the auto transport service.

Don’t forget about your automobile’s interior: wash off surfaces and clear away the clutter so that you can begin with a spotless vehicle at your new house.

2- Take Photographs of Your Car

It’s a great opportunity to snapshots once the automobile is lovely and clean. Check that the photographs are of acceptable quality and the dates are indicated. And don’t simply photograph the damaged sections. Take a variety of generic shots of the car from various perspectives. These photos will safeguard you in the unlikely event something goes wrong during shipping.

3- Remove Personal Items

Clean out your car’s interior, especially the boot, of all personal things. By eliminating private items, you reduce the danger of loss, theft, and damage. Your car may shift around a little during shipping. As a result, personal goods left in your vehicle may be thrown around, resulting in needless damage to both your vehicle and the items.

4- Don’t Fill Up Your Petrol Tank

Because your automobile will be shipped on a vehicle carrier rather than driven, you won’t need to top up your gas before shipping. Furthermore, more petrol implies more weight for your car and vehicle carrier, which might increase your transportation costs. Instead, fill your petrol tank to about a quarter capacity. That’s more than enough fuel to get it aboard and off the shipping vehicle without running out.

5- Perform Necessary Vehicle Maintenance

There are several basic automotive maintenance jobs that should be accomplished if you are shipping your operational vehicle.

You ensure that your car is suitable to drive whenever you reach your new house by servicing it. Some of the basic car maintenance tasks include:

• Ensuring tires are properly inflated

• Ensuring your car has a completely charged battery

• Check for leaks after topping off your vehicle’s fluids

• Recording your vehicle’s mileage when it is picked up

5- Remove Exterior Accessories

Any accessories on the outside of your vehicle may be damaged during transport. Before shipping your automobile, remove or secure any valuable accessories. Some of the items include:

• Removable bike and ski racks

• Luggage racks and roof boxes

• Custom spoilers

• Retractable antennas

6- Remove Toll Tags

Remove automated parking permits and toll tags now. If you keep your toll tag on the vehicle, it may receive the toll costs for each toll you go through. While there is usually a procedure for reclaiming items, it is not worth the hassle.

7- Leave the Keys

It’s difficult for the driver to load and unload your vehicle without the keys! If you have an older car model on top of the ignition key, you may also require to leave the door lock keys and even a glove box key.

Having a complete set of keys for both you and the shipping company driver is a smart idea. If you don’t already have an additional pair, getting one before your car is picked up for shipping is always a smart idea.

If you follow these easy recommendations on preparing an automobile for transportation, you’ll have a sense of peace and less stress during the shipping process!