4 Tips for Finding a Better Work Life Balance

4 Tips for Finding a Better Work Life Balance

This is one of the biggest struggles of modern life – how to fit everything in. We want to be great friends, partners, children, parents, and have time for our hobbies, pets and to have a satisfying career. There are a few things you can do to find a better work balance, such as making your health your number one priority, finding the confidence to say no, and learning to unplug. If you’d like to learn more about how to find a better work life balance, keep reading to learn more.

1. Focus on Your Health
Your health is your most important asset and without it everything else in your life will quickly fall apart. It can be easy to let your health fall to the back of the priority list, especially when you’re juggling more ‘fun things’ such as events, weddings and birthday parties. However your health should be your main focus. Ensuring that you’re a healthy size, getting enough exercise and eating a good quality diet will help guarantee that you have energy and vitality. Wiodiet.com has some great quality nut butters that are low in fat and calories to help you achieve your health goals without compromising your favorite foods. You can spend your lunch break going for a walk or doing some yoga to fit in your daily exercise.

2. Start Saying No
This can be a really difficult skill to learn, especially if you’re a people pleaser, a woman, or in a new position. But saying yes to tasks you don’t have the capacity for can just leave you overwhelmed, resentful, and without any free time for yourself. It’s not a great feeling when you take on work you don’t have capacity for, so be sure to only say yes to things that actually work for you. This includes social commitments as well – don’t say yes to events that you don’t have the mental space to go to, or don’t feel excited about. It’s not worth over extending yourself just to make others happy. Check out Winters.com for some great tools that can help make your life easier.

3. Learn How to Unplug

Learning how to properly unplug is so difficult these days. Almost everyone has a smartphone and between all the social media apps, emails, and messaging apps it can be hard to find a minute of peace. Have set times each day where you turn your phone or at least put it on silent so you can detach. If you work on a computer during the day, be intentional about having some screen free time. Read a book to unwind, do an adult coloring book or even go for an evening walk to get some fresh air.

4. Begin to Delegate
If you’re someone who likes to say yes to too many tasks, learning how to delegate can be an important part of sharing the responsibilities. If you’re married, you might find yourself doing everything out of habit and then feeling resentful when you don’t have any help. Try to delegate tasks whether at home or at work to help share the load. Look to things like apps or software that can help lighten your load and watch how that benefits all areas of your life, affording you more free time for the things you love to do. Check out zoho crm consultants for some great options.

Finding a way to get a better work life balance can help reduce your stress levels, afford you more time for the things you love, and help you be more productive when you are working.