4 Remarkable Perks of Adding Air Purifiers to an Office Space

4 Remarkable Perks of Adding Air Purifiers to an Office Space

With the steady rise of air pollution today, air purifiers are a great way to improve the air quality in your home, car, or office space. They are able to clean the air around you, making the environment cleaner. Here are four great benefits of having an air purifier in your office.

1- Eliminate Harmful Particles in the Air

According to the World Health Organization, air pollution kills 7 million people worldwide each year. Nine out of ten people breathe air that exceeds WHO pollution standards. Pollutants in the air are frequently in the form of one-hundredth the thickness of human hair. This means they can quickly get into your bloodstream and harm the body. Many of these airborne particles are from the outdoors, and they include car exhaust, smoke, mold, pollen, and dust. Pet dander is also becoming more harmful as the number of dog-friendly offices increases. A decent air purifier will clear these particles, making the office space stuffy and sluggish.

2- Eliminate Unpleasant Smells

You can also use an air purifier to remove unpleasant smells from the air in your offices, such as those caused by cooking and smoking. Such smells can distract employees and make it difficult for them to concentrate on work tasks. They also get rid of chemical odors like bleach or ammonia fumes. These fumes have been known over time to cause respiratory diseases, dust mites, and other allergens.

3- Help Relieve Asthma Symptoms

Asthma is a moderately common disease among people, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Pollen, dust, and other environmental contaminants can aggravate asthma symptoms and make breathing more difficult. Asthma attacks can also be triggered by cat and dog hair in the air. They can be removed by vacuuming, but they remain in the air. Asthma attacks can also be triggered by inhaling such air. On the other hand, air purifiers trap all of these toxins and release clean air, reducing the chance of this and other respiratory problems.

Aside from asthma, airborne illnesses like colds and flu are common in offices where employees sit close by. If one employee falls ill, everyone else in the office will be breathing the same air and may catch the flu or a cold. Air purifiers will reduce this risk.

4- Help Increase Workforce Productivity

Poor indoor air quality is not only harmful to your health. Poor air quality, according to studies, affects brain power and work productivity. These studies reveal a clear relationship between airborne particulate matter levels and people’s mental performance. The more contaminated the air, the more complicated life and productivity become for individuals. On the other hand, purified air boosts brain performance by enhancing memory, achievement, inventiveness, and strategic decision-making.

While air purifiers may seem like a luxury; you can use them to make your office space feel more comfortable and healthy. Investing in an air purifier could help you achieve better results from your workday, and it’s definitely worth it. Having healthier employees due to a safer office space will help increase productivity which improves a company’s bottom line.