Benefits of Clear Span Buildings

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The demand for new buildings is rising every day, for businesses and other places, such as schools, factories and even for homes. Temporary structures offer fast and affordable building solutions that meet all of these various needs. One type of temporary structure that has become a key solution for businesses and other users is clear span buildings.

Clear Span Buildings Defined

Clear span buildings are buildings, mostly made of steel, that do not have the vertical support columns that most buildings have. They provide an expansive clear space (referred to as a span) free of any supporting beams or columns. These buildings come with a steel frame in the shape of the letter “A”. The support for the ceiling and the walls is dependent on the frame. The major advantage of these structures is that they offer a vast open space (span) which is particularly useful for storage of huge equipment and machines. These buildings serve as perfect storage for vehicles, aircraft and other such large items.

Advantages of Clear Span Buildings

There are so many benefits that come with building a structure without beams or columns. Since the buildings are covered on top and the sides may also be covered, with a tent or other materials, they protect the items under them from the elements and other hazards. Below are some of the benefits of clear span buildings.

·  Quick Installation and Removal

When there you have an urgent need for space, you have to get a quick solution, which also needs to be affordable. Luckily, clear span buildings meet these requirements because the metal frames can be transported to the site at short notice, installed and the cover material added to provide a quick building solution. All the parts fit perfectly in standard trucks or trailers for transportation to the site. Once the need for the temporary shelter is over, you can have the building disassembled easily without any damage or loss.

If you are looking for a storage for buffer sticks during peak seasons, or a shelter to host many people for a few days or a structure for other uses, you can find more information about clear span buildings through the link. The good news is that you can get them from Smart-Space, the leading supplier of temporary buildings solutions in the UK with experience spanning over 30 years. Besides, Smart-Space offers customized structures and have supplied many clients so you can see their work.

·  Great Versatility

Due to the free span or the lack of obstruction from beams and columns, these shelters allow storage of different type of items including large ones like aircraft, vehicles, machines. Clear span buildings are also great for use as meeting halls like churches, school halls, sports complexes and so on. The open space allows multiple uses and it is easy to convert it to various uses.

·  Weather Protection

Clear span buildings offer protection for your inventory, and people, from the elements whether it’s sunshine, wind, rain or even from dust. They come with top-coverings which may be sturdy and waterproof tents made from vinyl fabric. The sides may also be covered with plastics or other materials to keep rain and wind. That way, these temporary structures offer a great solution to businesses, schools, homes and other users who need to have weather protection.

·  Cost-Effectiveness

While using metal is not cheap it has so many advantages; one of them is that it is cost-effective. You get better value per square foot than with other materials. Moreover, the fact that clear span buildings can be put to many uses adds more value to them. Also, the fast installation allows taking advantage of opportunities quickly making them offer better value to users.

Clear span buildings offer some of the best space solutions to various users because they provide unobstructed space, can be erected quickly, and can be used for many purposes. It would be best to consider using clear span structures from trusted vendors like Smart-Space to get quality solutions at the best prices.