Why Become an Author?

Writing can bring so much more than an education. It can bring people together by telling timeless stories. It can teach kids stories that they might carry down to the next generation. Overall, authors such as Ken Kurson, write because it helps generate work for the ultimate goal, which is to contribute to history. Of course, not all pieces of work can be recorded in history books, but with the digital age, comes a lot more writing. Now, anyone with access to the internet can be an author on so many platforms. 

Getting your voice out is a very important part of life, musically in 2020. This year has been a political zoo and many Americans are voicing their opinions now more than ever. Although it might not be ideal for politicians, it helps contribute to mass media topics and helps build reputations for many political figures. It’s important to express relevant beliefs and stay true to yourself when writing. Authoring articles can help create communities that have similar beliefs to yours. Writing blogs help people relieve tension about social issues, politics, and even relationships. Yes, the word “author” can be daunting to some. Nevertheless, it also can be transformative for many individuals. With such a diverse world, if everyone were to write one piece of literature or one blog talking about their personal opinions, the world would be flourishing with even more knowledge and societies would have a better understanding of how to incorporate the ideals of individuals in everyday life. Ken Kurson believes that being an author is a gift everyone already has.